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    General Questions Name Kai SPURION Nationality British / United Kingdom Age Fifteen Steam name SPURION Your SteamID STEAM_0:0:503985107 Current XP count Had around 5000 XP on Apex-Roleplay, but that wasn't refunded. I had about 900 XP on NeonVortex. That's not relevant now. Other Questions Do you have any previous staff experience? I have had experience right around the set of categories, DarkRP, ClockWork, HELIX, NutScript, CombineControl. If you want my exact experiences, I have to say I have forgotten many of the communities I have worked for. It's good that I don't remember them. If you wasn't looking for this answer, here's the TL;DR: Yes, I do. Why should we choose you? You don't, I am simply a candidate looking to volunteer for a community doing something in the future. Do you have a working microphone? Yes, I do. Your recent bans and warnings None, I haven't broken any rules from when I last checked. I'm sure others can say otherwise. I believe I got a verbal from AFellGuy for "Hacking.", not sure why he accused me of it though. What would you bring into our community? Moderation and possible LUA development assistance, but I cannot guarantee the best of the best of my abilities. I consider myself pretty sloppy. In your opinion, tell us what makes a good moderator? Professionalism and Fair Judgement, there's nothing more than a staff member having a good attitude. So long as he doesn't abuse, this is a good thing to have. How often do you play in our server per week approximately? Server is offline but I played regularly for when it was up, I am sure that will extend. I wake up around 2PM and play up until 12AM before I jump off. I could get up earlier around 9AM further extending my playtime. I didn't care for the lack of activity, I played until people came on. Are you familiar with ULX commands? Yes, ServerGuard too. Anything else we should know? (leave empty if there's nothing to say) I am diagnosed with high functioning autism but that so far hasn't affected my ability to moderate, it's simply that I am Anti-Social. I consider myself to be brutally honest about myself and things, most of the time I give Zero-Tolerance to I see to be a waste of time. Questions related to HL2RP • What is Metagaming? Metagaming is a form of activity used as an advantage to abuse Roleplay, rendering it unfair. It is gathering information from an Out of Character source to abuse In Character to gain an advantage in any situation. Common occurrence is Civil Protection using the information of a code on a door from when they was recently a Rebel, furthermore causing problems. • What is FailRP? Failing to Roleplay an action, it's when you do something either unrealistic or generally out of character. I.E. OTA being rogue, City Administrator not acting professional, rebels not resisting, etc. • What is a Minge? Somebody's soul purpose to be a "dickhead", although I minge myself on servers I personally would like to minge on (For example: Dark RP). It's very easy to stay within the rules on DarkRP and you can get away with a lot of RDM but that isn't the case here: Some minges take another step just to ignore people's fun and to ruin it. Minges are a widespread disease in the community that some now consider "Server Testers" just because they're breaking the rules. Minges or Mingebags have existed for many years, but as of now are currently a waste of space. I treat these people harshly as I have zero tolerance for people out there to break all of the rules. Best course of action is just to watch them break the rules until you can hand out a punishment for them, witness and perform. There's a point of stopping and a point of starting. TL;DR: Minges are a bunch of rule breakers, waste of time and space. Verdict. I am looking to be staff on here in the future to relieve the stress I've gotten from HELIX and ClockWork servers, a duty to keep high and low at the same time. I am not looking to write a perfect man's application, I'd rather write something honest and fulfilling even if I do not meet expectations or what not. I hope I can participate as a Trial Moderator.
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    Name: Alex/SP33DEツ Nationality: Romanian/Canada Age: 15 Steam name: SP33DEツ Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:99198023 Current XP count: Not sure, i've mostly forgot. However i have 4K xp on a very similar HL2RP server. Do you have any previous staff experience?: Yes, I do. I have the experience as a Head Admin on a very popular TTT server that shut down in early 2018. Why should we choose you?: I am looking to make the future of NeonVortex better. To give fair judgements to people who break rules and to help those in need. I am very calm and looking to make people like me as an admin rather than hate me. Do you have a working microphone?: Yes, but I rarely use it. Your recent bans and warnings: 1 Warning for propclimb (Which i used to kill myself because i was on very low HP), and one warning for plaza raid without perms (We simply were in plaza and one CP shot us so we shot back) What would you bring into our community?: Good moderation and fair judgements, professionalism and forgiveness. In your opinion, tell us what makes a good moderator?: A good moderator is one that is forgiving of apologised or accidental acts, checks moderation log for the specific user to identify if a ban should be put in place & a good role model for the community. How often do you play in our server per week approximately?: The server is currently offline so I can't really say. However i used to play a lot back when it was online. Are you familiar with ULX commands?: Yes, I am. Questions related to HL2RP • What is Metagaming?: Metagaming is the act of using OOC information in order to gain an advantage IC. For example: A secret base in the outlands or a hatch: Cp's or OTA are not allowed to open it unless they have the information required to do so, or someone opens it and they see it. • What is FailRP?: Failrp is the act of an event surrounding your characther that is not possible. For example: ''/me kills all cp's in my 5 mile radius and wins the battle'' • What is a Minge?: A minge is a person with no intention to roleplay but rather to mess around with people and just ruin their rp experience. Thank you for reading my application!
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    +support I am definetly looking forward to the future of this community and hope it will beat its competitors. Good luck buddy!