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    Unbanned. Keep in mind propblocking shouldn't be used as a joke, it can interrupt other player activities (For example like how you propblocked the train station). Locked & Archived.
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    Your RP name: John Rick Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:157214263 Ban Reason: Prop block | Playing music everywhere after being told to stop | FailRP | FearRP Ban Length: 1 day Admin that banned you: Riggs Why should we unban you?: sooo the thing is, there were like 7 players on and basically the thing i did was spawn a bunch of soundemmiters that played myson.wav (that one song from apex i17) and basically it didnt actually harm anyone, since no one died, no one lost money, i might have trapped someone with doors but i deleted them shortly after and i have no idea why he said i broke fearrp, since when he pointed a gun at me on the rebel base, i had a gun too. also, the person who was complaining proceeded to shoot me on plaza for spawning the soundemmiters(as a civvie) then switched to cp. Evidence(If there's any): none
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    +Support There wasn't much players on, nobody was roleplaying and neither got harmed. The things Loka did we're harmless, the way i see it is that Riggs is triggered that Loka didn't want to roleplay at a non-functioning server player rate. You're also mingy as hell Riggs at times, dont you remember? Dont blame other players for doing it also, while not harming anybody. You're not prioritized to be able to do that as staff. You're at an equal level as players, so introduce some right.
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    hello, wire god
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    Just take a cooloff, it is just one day. You are a troll anyway.