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    Unbanned. Keep in mind propblocking shouldn't be used as a joke, it can interrupt other player activities (For example like how you propblocked the train station). Locked & Archived.
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    Welcome user! I'm a staff member in NeonVortex, i am also a mapper for them! I sometimes come onto the Server to wether Administrate or Roleplay, the reason i come Rarely online is because i am working on the termina17 Map! My name is mostly Riggs, sometimes i get called Yeet because i was on Requiem Gaming called Yeet, i was a Staff member on there too, only for 2 Days lmao. If you have any questions about me, link them Below! Nice/Awesome people i know: delyrium - love ya man <3 TheAzotas - The one and only who is trusting me alot. Gado - You make good artwork. afellguy - You are a good Staff member, please Stay Jambez - the goose Lilith - the madman with her 357 LeCitizenPoop - You are the best person i have EVER meet.
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    General Questions Name: Sergei Nationality: American (Family Nationality Ukrainian) Age: 19 Steam name: spin Your SteamID: STEAM_1:0:42730440 Current XP count: None (Roughly 70k on RG). If my lack of playtime is an issue, I'll gladly submit this app at a later date after I get some time in. Other Questions Do you have any previous staff experience?: Yes, I've been hired as staff on several HL2RP Servers. My most prominent experience as a staff member was on a semi serious apex server called Requiem Gaming. On requiem, The community took a liking to me rather quickly, after a few months I ascended to hierarchy, becoming the server manager (A role model for staff, in charge of them and the server whilst no other hierarchy were online. Had I not resigned when I did, I would have gotten Staff Director. One of many reasons I was favored there was because of my willingness to do night shifts due to different timezones, and my overall friendliness towards others. In your opinion, tell us what makes a good moderator?: I feel that the only people who should be staff are those who are generally friendly to the community, people that the community can look up to as a member. Sort of like an older sibling. In a nutshell, staff (in my opinion) should strive to make the playerbase better for people as a whole, be friendly to other players, help people out, and be good mentors. How often do you play in our server per week approximately?: I'm about to start playing it, and from what I've seen it looks pretty tight, so I'll be a common face around here, I'm hoping. Are you familiar with ULX commands?: Oh yeah, baby. All I need are my basic staff commands like warn, kick, etc. and I'm good. During my time on requiem, I've gotten really familiar with the commands. Anything else we should know? (leave empty if there's nothing to say): I can speak basic tabletop German. Also, since nobody's perfect, I'm going to list some flaws about myself so that you know I'm not perfect. * I'm very emotionally sensitive, a big ol' crybaby. I can handle a lot of stuff, but there are some things that can make me upset, like tragedy, other's emotions, etc. * I tend to be forgetful at times, however this isn't huge, it should still be known. I normally forget about super small stuff, so you don't need to worry about me forgetting everything you want me to do. * I tend to dick around sometimes with memey stuff, but nothing that's really abusive. I was known on RG with a character named "Burt Mustin" (After an actor). Burt was a gman rp character that had a cult following, and ultra instinct form, etc. And we had several stupid events that I hosted surrounding it. Burt was one of those things that you either love it or hate it. Questions related to HL2RP • What is Metagaming?: Metagaming is essentially using OOC/Fourth Wall knowledge and using it ingame. For instance, you know that there's a rebel hideout behind a soda machine in the sewers in I17, but your character hasn't been told that or had anyway of knowing that it was there, so entering without prior IC knowledge would be meta. • What is FailRP?: Tyrone Magnus | Muscular Build | 7'8" | RPG Holstered | The combine killed my mother, the rebels killed my father. Me? I kill citizens, because all I want is revenge. Tyrone Magnus | Muscu... snaps the CP's neck CP:C17-UNION-02:6355 down at: Plaza, remaining units contain. Attention, City 17. Judgement waiver is now in immediate effect. All citizens are to use discretion, and return to their homes. **HOOOOOOOOOOOOONK Anyhow, Fail RP is whenever someone RPs improperly, e.g. not rolling, shooting without rping, minging, etc. These people tend to be super edgy with their HL2 anime characters, and they end up getting in trouble because they didn't follow the rules of RP. • What is a Minge?: A minge is someone who memes around in the game. In my personal view, there are good minges and bad minges. Good minges are guys who provide lots of comic relief while still following rules. The bad are the types of minges who break rules, exploit, break the game, etc., Basically ruining the experience for everyone.
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    NeonVortex VS Requiem Gaming FINAL BATTLE
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    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=741788352 Basic Information: RP Name: Paul Benson XP Count: 575 Suggestion: Title: Groundwatch & Airwatch Addons Description: The addons add drivable: Striders, HK Harvesters and Hunters. Also Dropships, Manhacks and Gunships.
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    Your RP name: John Rick Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:157214263 Ban Reason: Prop block | Playing music everywhere after being told to stop | FailRP | FearRP Ban Length: 1 day Admin that banned you: Riggs Why should we unban you?: sooo the thing is, there were like 7 players on and basically the thing i did was spawn a bunch of soundemmiters that played myson.wav (that one song from apex i17) and basically it didnt actually harm anyone, since no one died, no one lost money, i might have trapped someone with doors but i deleted them shortly after and i have no idea why he said i broke fearrp, since when he pointed a gun at me on the rebel base, i had a gun too. also, the person who was complaining proceeded to shoot me on plaza for spawning the soundemmiters(as a civvie) then switched to cp. Evidence(If there's any): none
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    +Support There wasn't much players on, nobody was roleplaying and neither got harmed. The things Loka did we're harmless, the way i see it is that Riggs is triggered that Loka didn't want to roleplay at a non-functioning server player rate. You're also mingy as hell Riggs at times, dont you remember? Dont blame other players for doing it also, while not harming anybody. You're not prioritized to be able to do that as staff. You're at an equal level as players, so introduce some right.
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    I still can't believe this year is already gone. I remember when I joined this server and I feel like is two days ago. Anyway, Happy Christmas! (Here you can find a countdown lol): https://www.xmasclock.com
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    Well, if we stayed in one year constantly it would get boring eventually. Time has to flow, i guess. Still, happy early christmas and best of wishes to ya'll.
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    Yeah, I didn't find your joke very funny. Denied
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    *You Kinda asked for it* Well, in my opinion you disrespected a moderator and the person who reported you in the first place. Even to you didn't mean it you still disrespected him and that's not good at all. Good Luck!
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    Hi. Im Bubble Boi. Not gonna go indepth about it cause really, it does'nt matter that much. I was on Ape(s)ex,Requiem, and now because i dont like the standards of the new Requiem i landed up in here. HL2RP is a shit and buggy gamemode and thats why i love it. This is good ol HL2RP and its back. Aight i guess you know enough now and i do not have to spill all my government secrets about the secret nuclear launch codes and the meme stash i keep at 367Y 436Z 463X In Nevada. K bye.
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    Requirements and some advice • Your application must be readable, choose your text colour wisely. ✓ • Having a microphone is a huge plus and preferable. ✖ • Applications are strictly reviewed, detailed reviews are appreciated. ✓ • Incomplete or short applications will be rejected! = • Don‘t forget to check your application before posting! ✓ General Questions RP Name: Tyrone Hunter Nationality: Estonian Age: 16 Steam name: MaKuX Your SteamID: STEAM_1:0:198164524 Current XP count: 165 Other Questions Do you have any previous staff experience?: Yes, I do: Moderator to Admin on a few smaller, less-known DarkRP servers - I don't remember the names. Trial Moderator on Evil's HL2RP server Moderator to Staff Director on RG HL2RP Moderator on Pinnacle Gaming(Sandbox) Why should we choose you?: Because I've been a staff member on similar servers for over a year and have learned a lot from it. I made a lot of mistakes at the time because I was still kinda new to being a staff member on an HL2RP server but I'll try to do better this time. I know how hard it can be to enforce the rules when there are more than 10 players breaking them at once and I will not give up. Do you have a working microphone?: No. Your recent bans and warnings: I was permabanned for taking screenshots of unique features and showing them to some people in another discord server. No warns yet though. What would you bring into our community?: An active staff member with a lot of time and experience who will show his dedication to the server. In your opinion, tell us what makes a good moderator?: Someone that's dedicated, can be active, doesn't really care about what rank they are and someone that actually enforces the rules. How often do you play in our server per week approximately?: Probably 20 hours or more. Are you familiar with ULX commands?: Every server I've been staff on used ULX so yes, I'm familiar with them. Anything else we should know? (leave empty if there's nothing to say): I know this application is a bit short but I'd rather not fill it with nonsense just to make it seem long. If you want me to add something please tell me. Questions related to HL2RP • What is Metagaming?: The act of using OOC(Out-of-character) information IC(In-character). • What is FailRP?: Failing to stay in character, doing something that doesn't make sense IC. • What is a Minge?: Someone that joined the server just to break rules, troll other players and be a nuisance. Newer players might be considered a minge sometimes because they may not know the rules yet or haven't played on any roleplay servers at all.
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    You are a little too young for staff, but i think you could be a good staff. Ive seen you do some staffing.
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    Well, makux isn't mod anymore, but he was a good moderator!
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    +Support Bit young, But I know how it is, to apply for admin etc, and I would atleast like to see you get a chance. Good luck!
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    +Support, chill out with that text 😂
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    Before I start I just wanted to say that I hope I got this ban appeal in the right place and if not then don't smite me. Your RP name: - Not even sure I guess it could have been James Letts - Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:132187220 Ban Reason: Intentional Prop Kill Ban Length: 3 weeks The admin that banned you: afellguy Why should we unban you?: Right so, I created a shop near the plaza and an admin probably afellguy told me to stop spawning breen heads and that annoyed me somewhat because a. there was barely any and b. there was like 4 people on the server. So what did I do? I made a shop that sold breen heads for free if you were a cp. Maybe the admin could have had a bad day but he started to shot them all without warns and no reason why. He was really starting to piss me off and was not allowing me to put a breen head as my shop sign as he started shooting I had enough and I spawned in a prop and tried to kill him with it. I understand what I did was wrong but when you have an admin being a total jerk and not allowing you to have fun is a really big annoyance. I was also going through a rough time so I suppose that's why I did it but that really isn't a get out of jail free card. All I am going to say is this I am sorry to the admin and I just want the ban to be reduced 3 weeks just seemed a bit too harsh. Evidence(If there's any): John Rick was there with me, not sure he has discord but he was there whilst this was all going on.
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    +support I think he should get his ban shortened/removed because he did no real harm(because props dont damage) and because an intentional "propkill" ban should not be this long.
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    Time to get ready to leave 2019 and jump to 2020 very soon!!! The time is here, we can already smell it! Enjoy the mix to make this waiting more fun!
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    yes hi im lokachop, i used to play on apex and rg, now i play on neonvortex, i like making stuff with wire and yeah, that's it
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    With the most recent update, this issue has been solved. Consider it as ACCEPTED. Locked & Archived.
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    Its time to start saying goodbyes to our ===2019=== Time to prepare for christmas and new year ! please share down below some christmas/new year waiting heat ! Lo-fi Hip hop Chill, chill, chill
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    You can really abuse and anger people sometimes, but i have to admit that you have a condition, sometimes its not because of free will. I hope you'll be successfull with stuff in the future, you know. I judged people like you alot, im the one that kinda got you perma'd on Requiem. But looks like you're more than to judge from the cover, you work on quite a great map right here. Anyways, dont have much to type here, so. Yeah. Best of luck for the new year.
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    You can't kill someone for an OOC reason. If someone is insulting you then u should call a staff member.
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    Basic Information: RP Name: Edward Smith XP Count: 110 Suggestion: Title: Resource Gathering Description: What I would recommend is a type of resource gathering. Maybe try to implement a way to for civilians to make and produce certain items instead of heavily relying on BM trader. Obviously the black market trader would be able to still sell vastly superior and top notch weaponry but have people make crude and shitty types of weapons, maybe radios, and foods. Many of the items and resources they carry could also count as a contraband for them to have so it adds another level of difficulty. It could even add some more rp. Maybe they can coordinate and use the crude weapons to rob other people or group up, strategize and jump cps. (Optional) Questions: How fast should the suggestion be implemented? As fast as the staff deem it How high should be the priority of it? Medium Does it change much? It could add a new difficulty to both civilians and cps as well Reason: (Leave empty if you cannot specify a proper reason for the suggestion)
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    *NEUTRAL +I like the Color you took, it is very Clean. *You have some grammar issues, but I think it's not THAT Bad. -You have goten a Recent ban.
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    Hey there i wanted to share my new top song of the week. Hope you enjoy!
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    +Support (I don't know who you are, tell me the in-game name if ya want)
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    I fully agree as well we should remove the rebels medic med kit and replace it with like the cwu doctors have, you have to buy the med kits, this will reduce the medics and have to buy them, but my suggestion the medics have to buy a book of medication learning that can be bought from BMD's for only 100 TKS , we do need to reduce TKS of the economy as SOMEONE decides to spawn rations in the nexus. +1
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    Hi there, i'm having problems with FBI but no worries you can help me out.
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    Phoenix? Just kidding. From reading your Application, you really would like to become Staff but there are some slight problems. There needs to be more detail to the questions, and you changed tenths which is fine because this is not an English Exam but you still might be judged on this. Neutral for now. Some people have to start somewhere :shrug: Eh, the server just became Popular in late Summer. I wouldn't really judge that for a Staff Application. (Most people came late to get their XP Refunded aaaaa)
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    Has experience, alright with sits and that. +1
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    +Support this man is a legend
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    We all know the answer. Accepted
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    https://www.mediafire.com/file/au0acgpw32ogoui/Not_epic.mp4/file Afellguy authorizing plaza & nexus raids while there are only 1-2 CPs on. https://www.mediafire.com/file/21auzcj1t0vtwgv/UwU.mp4/file Afellguy admitting to using cheats.
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    +Support Let's give it a shot.
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    +Support Good ERP'er I mean, hehe, I know Makux since the start of HL2RP on RG which proved that he's very qualified to be a good Staff Member
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    Basic Information: Your Steam Name: hi Your RP Name: George Hard/Munnita Mees ----------------------------------- Staff Member RP Name: Billy Mays Staff Member Steam Name: Speedwagon Description: What did the Staff Member abuse / do: Mic spam, noclip abuse, encouraging mic spam and possibly spawning in weapons?(TMods can spawn weapons ). Proof: Mic spam.mp4 Btw plaza/nexus raiding w/o perms isn't against the rules yet. Noclip abuse.mp4
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    Dude this was like 8 months ago
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    Oh god it's you again, you are quite a toxic person and that's why nobody really respects you on RG
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    Forum Rules Do not shitpost Sexism, racism, etc... will not be tolerated. If you want to expand your thread, please avoid adding new replies try using that lovely edit button. Post threads only where they belong.