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    Basic Information: RP Name: Bryan Kavinsky XP Count: 2800 Suggestion: Title: Staff warning policy Description: A policy for staff that inhibits them from outright banning people for dumb or minor offenses. Players, would get 1-2 warns (Depends on Azotas' decision) on a play session for breaking a rule, for each rule broken being a warn. If a player surpasses the warn treshold, they get banned like usual. Maybe players who have too many warns can get auto-banned, depends on Azotas. Banning without warning only counts for major offenses like MassRDM/RDA, DDoS, hacking, exploiting, prop spam, etc. (Optional) Questions: How fast should the suggestion be implemented? Hopefully a bit after Azotas approves this. How high should be the priority of it? Kinda high Does it change much? It changes the fear relationship between staff and players and creates a possibility for players to watch their step while still being able to enjoy the server. Until they get banned for exceeding the warning threshold :V. Reason: To stop staff from banning people for dumb shit or minor offenses and actually give players some breathing space when it comes to fucking up, intentionally or non intentionally.