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  3. Basic Information: Your Steam Name: MaKuX Your RP Name: Tyrone Cracker ----------------------------------- Staff Member RP Name: S17:OWS.BLADE-1 Staff Member Steam Name: Riggs Description: What did the Staff Member abuse / do: Chat Spam ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ He jail-TPed me into the nexus to call me a "bad boy" and then un-jailed me, which results in me getting arrested for being black. Proof: Yeah it's up there. I don't have a recording sadly.
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  5. Yo boys check this discord remix. In my opinion, i think is awesome.
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  7. My Birthday.

    Happy Birthday
  8. she alway kicked my ass in combat

                                                                    o7   o7  o7  o7  o7  o7  o7  o7  o7  o7  o7  o7  o7                          
                                                                        o7  o7  o7  o7  o7  o7  o7  o7  o7  o7    o7  o7     


    i ,,miss when minge friend rdm her ,then she rdm him.then he though she was cheeting



    i miss her from this server.

  9. Legends Never Die.

  10. My Birthday.

    Boys, is my birthday! Happy Birthday Gado :D. (Turning 13 btw)
  11. lokachop's staff application

    +Support Can be mingy at times, but extremally chill. Can hold his nerves in the most mind-fucking situation.
  12. Felix whiston's staff application.

    Neutral -Bit short (-) -Not lacking XP -Uninformative (-) -I've seen you -Too much warns (-) -If you intend on becoming a staff member, atleast intend on actually staffing, instead of being a last resort.
  13. +Support -Long -Lacking XP a bit (-) -Informative -I've seen you -A bit too much about the rp blah blah (-)
  14. Staff Application

    Neutral Hmmm, I am gonna stay neutral, I've seen you in game, and you where chill and all but... Your application is really short, and I've never really seen you ingame. I wish you more luck next time!
  15. sorry for video

  16. Last seen Sunday 🤔

    1. [rainbow]Felix whiston

      [rainbow]Felix whiston

      It's her fucking husband you actual idiot, let her be put to rest, please.

  17. Gado's Staff App

    +Support Cool guy, follows the rules, good to roleplay with, so yeah!
  18. Staff Application

    Neutral I dont see you on the server often but when you come on you're chill (most of the time) You should play more on the server and be known a bit more.
  19. lokachop's staff application

    +Support My +Support got removed for you. Doing this with my phone so it wont look pretty.
  20. Staff Application

    Neutral. So, i've seen you sometimes, you've just been there, like, just there, you have never interacted much but never really have been toxic, so Neutral, i guess.. consume sabastion.
  21. Staff Application

    >NEUTRAL< Application is too short(-1), my advise is to play more to gain xp so you can get some reputation too(/). Saw you on the server, you are actually a very chill guy and friendly as Walter said above(+1). Can you list at least one server you've been staff on?
  22. +Combine Armored NPCs & Pill Packs

    Lead and the owners have said many times the pill pack addons will never be used..
  23. Long text, I've seen you before and you mostly come off as a nice person, and I mean you should atleast get to try. It's a +Support from me. (This is my second comment btw.)
  24. We will miss you Lilith.

  25. Dawn Shepherd / Walter's Staff Application

    +Support This application is amazing and well done, alot of thought put into it, and you're a cool guy on the server so yeah.
  26. Gado's Staff App

    +Support At times you come off as a bit of a cuck (So do i) you're known enough on the server, you should get a chance.
  27. Staff Application

    -Support -Short -Lacking XP -Uninformative -Who are you? -Thats not your steamid, thats your profile link, which your profile is also extremally dumbed down. Put more info into the app, get people to know you and what do you do, play around more to get more XP.
  28. Felix whiston's staff application.

    Bit toxic, and a tiny bit e2 abusive, but a cool guy, and I could see you becoming a great staff member. +Support
  29. Its time, to break our goals this year bruh...

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