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  3. Hello - please. You must listen to me, do not be disturbed at the things that you are about to witness firsthanded. Woman and children of all ages must tread this ocean with cautiousness for the things you are about to witness firsthanded will be traumatizing to some readers. I am Digsby, that is my main and my steam ID is not important for the reporting of a fellow abuse from staff members is a much more serious concerns that relate straight directly onto server security. (that isn't good.) The staff was a black male citizen named: "male_07.mdl". And he had committed violation of rule 19: No ERP or and sexual related rp. Here is the log I had captured. [OOC] male_07.mdl: On the mattress now! [OOC] male_07.mdl: Or do you want waterboard doggy style. [OOC] - BusterZlista -: are you saying you'd fuck a newborn? [OOC] Vasili: You don't need to do that in OOC [OOC] Lead: Up to you. [OOC] male_07.mdl: Fool! [OOC] male_07.mdl: Sex is for everyone. [OOC] male_07.mdl: Sex education is extremely important. Payday! You received $10! [OOC] - BusterZlista -: i cant disagree to that [OOC] male_07.mdl: Now, let us begin [OOC] Vasili: Fine whatever [OOC] - BusterZlista -: but newborn pussy is definitely not my choice Max Induvious says: THE INTERCOURSE. Katie Young says: Yes [OOC] male_07.mdl: Begin by stripping yourself of your clothings. [OOC] male_07.mdl: You must entice me. ** Katie Young removes my shirt [OOC] male_07.mdl: Do it in OOC. For playing on the server for 10 minutes you have been awarded 5 XP! [OOC] male_07.mdl: This is a PSA. [OOC] Lead: A PSA of ERP? [OOC] male_07.mdl: It is an art. [OOC] male_07.mdl: we can do a gangbang [OOC] Lead: *removes my shirt* [OOC] male_07.mdl: The most wholesome. [OOC] Lead: Do you like what you see? [OOC] - BusterZlista -: will u let me in for a gangbang [OOC] male_07.mdl: Yes! [OOC] male_07.mdl: Woah! [OOC] male_07.mdl: threesome [OOC] male_07.mdl: Those are some big titties! [OOC] Vasili: Oh okay they really are doing it [OOC] male_07.mdl: Oh dear god. [OOC] male_07.mdl: *Begins to pull down his pants. [OOC] male_07.mdl: I shall thrust hard! [OOC] male_07.mdl: Get in here baby! [OOC] Vasili: Wheres the luxury car? [OOC] - BusterZlista -: >>titties >>his pants [OOC] - BusterZlista -: nigga (FAdmin) Mark Jefferson (STEAM_0:1:1395956) Set the team of themselves (FAdmin) Mark Jefferson (STEAM_0:1:1395956) Set the team of themselves (FAdmin) Mark Jefferson (STEAM_0:1:1395956) Set the team of themselves [OOC] Lead: gay [OOC] Vasili: Wheres Barbara with big titties? [OOC] male_07.mdl: Max then proceeds to pushes the woman down hard onto the mattress. [OOC] Fishy: WTF WHY U FUCKING GUYS [OOC] male_07.mdl: Causing massive amount of moans coming from her. [OOC] Lead: oh fuck~ [OOC] Fishy: omg [OOC] male_07.mdl: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. [OOC] Fishy: why? [OOC] Fishy: just why [OOC] male_07.mdl: Fucking make me bitch. [OOC] male_07.mdl: Oh yeah. [OOC] male_07.mdl: Time went on [OOC] male_07.mdl: Her glasses flew. [OOC] - BusterZlista -: you know i recently read some stories on 4chan about being gay young [OOC] male_07.mdl: His white liquid succumbed. [OOC] - BusterZlista -: i dont want same shit to read [OOC] Lead: Please, give me all of your white liquid! [OOC] male_07.mdl: Yeah! [OOC] male_07.mdl: But. Payday! You received $10! [OOC] male_07.mdl: At the critical moment. [OOC] male_07.mdl: He stopped cumming. [OOC] male_07.mdl: His dick fell. [OOC] male_07.mdl: And his errection was over. [OOC] Fishy: BRUH STOP IT [OOC] male_07.mdl: "Shit!" [OOC] male_07.mdl: "Make out harder, woman!" [OOC] Fishy: bro why? [OOC] Fishy: you idiot [OOC] Lead: *starts sucking on his dick* [OOC] Fishy: (F0r [OOC] male_07.mdl: I am alpha. Recording 640x360@30FPS video to "videos/rp_city17_build210 2019-10-1 21-55-23.webm"... [OOC] male_07.mdl: The sex began to continue once more Finished recording. Length: 1.9s [OOC] Fishy: bro [OOC] Fishy: why you do sex [OOC] male_07.mdl: And then, she was impregnated. [OOC] male_07.mdl: It was. [OOC] Fishy: in the bible it says no sexx [OOC] male_07.mdl: Over... [OOC] male_07.mdl: Yes! That was good ERP! [OOC] male_07.mdl: I am so glad to be educating the populace. [OOC] Fishy: wtf guys [OOC] Vasili: A poem more like [OOC] Fishy: this is fucking rp [OOC] Fishy: gdf0sg Max induvious says: Go. Katie Young says: Thank you. I will not be blackening out the names of these ERP partaker because they've accepted the ERP within their own will, and I hope that further appropriate actions can be taken towards this mess.
  4. Lilith Saint

    General Questions Name: Julia Nationality: Russian Age: 23 Steam name: Lilith Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:31961970 Current XP count: 2835 Other Questions Do you have any previous staff experience?: no. Why should we choose you?: I liked this server and I want to be part of the team to help make it attractive and cozy for people. Do you have a working microphone?: no. Your recent bans and warnings: no. What would you bring into our community?: i like server gamemode and community looks very friendly here. In your opinion, tell us what makes a good moderator?: objectivity, friendliness. How often do you play in our server per week approximately?: I try to go every day for a few hours. Are you familiar with ULX commands?: Yes, I studied it. Anything else we should know? (leave empty if there's nothing to say): Questions related to HL2RP • What is Metagaming?: the situation when a player acts based on its own considerations, but not the logic of the character, to the detriment of wagering or use non-character information. • What is FailRP?: is an event surrounding an action that your character commits that is not probable. • What is a Minge?: act like idiot.
  5. Rank bug

    Thanks for reporting this problem, it's not game-breaking, but might bother some of the players.
  6. epic

    But somehow he's alive.. I need answers hm.
  7. Banned

    Your RP name: Oasis Lyric Your SteamID: 76561198146593483 Ban Reason: LTAP Ban Length: 1 day Admin that banned you: Apple Juice Why should we unban you?: I was banned because another player accused me of Fail RP and I left. However when he accused me of this I was already about to leave and waited a few minutes. No one showed up so I did what I was gonna do anyways. Leave. Evidence(If there's any):
  8. Rank bug

    Bug Reporter - Bug Report Format Bug Information: Bug Name: Broken ranks Description: Dvl and SeC ranks are not working properly (Not showing their desc, rappeling doesn't work - Select rnak first) Recreation: Become CCA and try to become Dvl or SeC (read their desc) (Optional) Priority: High
  9. epic

    i got the vice server director of requiem demoted
  10. Our media

    Join us there: Steam Group - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/Neon-Vortex Discord server - https://discordapp.com/invite/AcMqcKX Server panel - http://panel.neon-vortex.net/index.php HL2RP server addons - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=788557977
  11. Bobby Goodman

    Hi, I'm Bobby Goodman and I am one of the server's "developers" I like to play some good ol' HL2RP that isn't some sort of 1942RP (compared to certain servers) so I decided to help out a bit my friend who I met on one of the HL2RP servers which I liked to play on. And here I am now. Also please dont associate me with the real Bob Good, the minge.
  12. Want to share what has happened on the server? Well, here you can! Share memories, share parties, share... anything! (Related to HL2RP, of course.) Feel free to share videos, screenshots or even gifs! Well, I've got a lil' cafe to share from a dead HL2RP server I used to play on before. Also. I did get some cash from selling stuff.
  13. Spot the Abuse - Staff Abuse Report Format Basic Information: Your Steam Name: Your RP Name: ----------------------------------- Staff Member RP Name: Staff Member Steam Name: Description: What did the Staff Member abuse / do: Proof: (Screenshot / Console Logs Screenshot / Copying the text from Console)
  14. Bug Reporter - Bug Report Format

    Bug Reporter - Bug Report Format Bug Information: Bug Name: Description: (Describe the bug by telling what does it do, etc. ) Recreation: (Explain, how can we recreate the bug.) (Optional) Priority: (Choose between High, Medium or Low)
  15. General Suggestion Format

    To prevent messy text style, it is strongly recommended for you to use this format to make a suggestion. However, you may make a suggestion without using this format. Suggestion Format 1. Your idea: 2. What would it change?: 3. (optional) Anything else we should know?
  16. Mind of Creativity - Suggestion Format

    Mind of Creativity - Suggestion Format Basic Information: RP Name: XP Count: Suggestion: Title: Description: (Optional) Questions: How fast should the suggestion be implemented? How high should be the priority of it? Does it change much? Reason: (Leave empty if you cannot specify a proper reason for the suggestion)
  17. HL2RP Rules

    Half-Life 2 Roleplay Rules and Job Ranks Info! 1. GENERAL RULES Famous people names, including fictional ones from movies, games [Gordon Freeman, Donald Trump, and so on] are NOT allowed. Use of cheats, exploits are not allowed! (Any new exploit should be instantly reported to a staff member or reported on a forum.) No advertising of any kind that means other servers/discord servers etc. Killing unranked Civil Protection / Overwatch units isn't allowed. Killing using E2, Wire Tools isn't allowed. Prop Climbing, Prop Pushing, Prop Killing isn't allowed. Attempting to crash the server or crashing the server isn't allowed and will bring you severe consequences. 1.1 VIP Rules. Abusing your VIP privileges will result in your rank removal. Using /job command with offensive/racist job names will result in a punishment. Ignoring the punishments after few times will result in a rank removal. 1.2 Communication. Don't spam in voice chat [Mic-spam]. Don't spam in OOC. Don't micspam in voice chat [Playing music, sounds, etc]. Don't insult anyone. Avoid being racist/sexist/etc. 1.3 RP Rules. Metagaming isn't allowed. Overwatch/Civil Protection don't know anything about secret doors in the City. Any information can be gained by interrogation or if they (OW/CPs) saw anyone going through these doors. Don't break NLR, that means you forget about anything that happened. Please, respect NLR. After your character's death, you can't remember anything about your previous life. Please, don't Bunnyhop. As CWU or some Civil Protection units you may go rogue as long as you don't break any rules. Erotic Role Playing (ERP) out in the public will result in warn and later in a punishment! You are only allowed to do it in private places. Also remember to use whisper than normal chat or LOOC. 1.4 Admin Sit Rules. In admin sits, please be respectful and don't interrupt the admin when he/she talks. Don't attempt to escape. Be honest with Admins! Escaping the sit will result in a ban whether you did something or not. 1.5 RP Groups. When creating a RP Group make sure it fits the lore and the name shouldn't be something dull or too simple because it will get rejected instantly. Examples of bad RP Groups: "Alyx's team", "G-mans", "Rebel gang", "Gordon's friends" Bothering the Staff Members with constant bad RP Group ideas result in a warn and if warn doesn't stops the player, they will be kicked. Bans will be only issued when player was kicked three times. 1.6 Killing Rules. As a Citizen/CWU you are not allowed to kill other citizens/CWU members or the Combine. However, you can only kill resistance if they prove to be danger to your life as a matter of self defense only! Only time you can kill Combine is when you wear the rebel outfit or are undercover CWU member. In melee combat use of /me and /roll commands are strongly recommended. As a CCA or OTA member, you can't restrain/kill citizens randomly, you must have warned them three times before applying a verdict. You are allowed to have fist fights with other citizens only if they agree to fight. It's strongly recommended to use /roll and /me each time you rolled more than your opponent. However, you can be reported by CWU to the Combine and you can get arrested. Fist Fights in spawn will result in a warning/punishment! Don't abuse RPG, you may not use it against infantry. 1.7 Private/Rebel Base rules. You may not make KOS lines, however you may place warning signs instead. You may use fading doors with keypads/buttons, however you may not use one-way materials. You may use hidden doors, but you must place a button, which should be hidden in the same room. You may use up to 4 fading doors in the base. Prop-blocking the entrance isn't allowed without the fading door. You may not spawn huge dupes, and no, you shouldn’t bypass E2 restrictions. Stands/Booths aren't considered as bases as long as they are outside of buildings. Shops also count as bases. 1.8 FearRP. Following jobs/ranks are excluded from FearRP: Rebels, CCA, Overwatch and rogues (CCA and Civil Workers) FearRP means you must value your life at ALL times, breaking it will get you in trouble. When facing the wall [When asked by Civil Protection], you are not allowed take your weapon out! Breaking FearRP as anything else not included in the list will result in a punishment. 2. Job Groups and Ranks. Citizen XP requirement: 0 [Default Job] The lowest part of society. They follow the dictatorship of the Universal Union with absolute obedience or face punishments and even execution. All citizens are allowed to join The Resistance. The Resistance is allowed to kidnap loyalists and Civil Protection units. The Resistance is allowed to rob CWU stores. Civil Workers Union [CWU] XP requirement: 15 Humans, who follow the UU and have been rewarded. Are Often considered a working class citizen, who obey their masters. [Divisions] Cook Gain access to the finest Combine's food catalogue and provide food for everybody! Open your own 5 star restaurants, cafe or bistro. Requirements: 15XP Medic You may provide medical supplies for everyone! Open your own pharmacy, clinic. Requirements: 35XP Scientist You may conduct experiments to help Combine research projects. Requirements: VIP, 100XP Combine Civil Authority [Civil Protection] XP requirement: 35 The Combine’s "police" force. They control and protect the cities commanded by their masters. Their ranks and responsibilities vary, but they have a common goal: To keep order empire of the Combine and protect the Union. DIVISIONS HIGHER THAN "UNION" GOING ROGUE WILL BE BANNED! [Divisions] UNION This division is tasked with patrolling main city zones like streets and so on. Patrolling 404 zones is allowed during the JW/AJ. With City Administrator's, SeC's or CmD's permissions is allowed to set up a checkpoint. Can go rogue, as long as you don't break any rules! [With RCT, 05, 04, 03 ranks ONLY!] HELIX HELIX Division is tasked with providing medical assistance to other units, in some cases also allowed to heal citizens, loyalists. HELIX usually patrols with other units, In rare occasions the unit can patrol main city areas. GRID GRID division provides technological support for Civil Protection by deploying scanners or manhacks in order to patrol more areas of the city and provide support for other units by displaying a picture taken by using the City Scanners. GRID units are also capable of driving the APC. JURY JURY division is tasked with managing prison, they decide and execute punishments, interrogate citizens, rebels for valuable information. JURY units must stay inside the nexus. Sectorial Commander or City Administrator can change punishments . SPEAR SPEAR division is tasked with locating rogue units, with access to 404 areas. SPEAR division units are handy in tough situations, they can receive orders only from SeC/CmD. When SeC is absent, this Division is allowed to assist other units, or just do their regular work - Locate Rogue units and terminate them. CmD Commander can give orders to CCA, if there's no SeC. CmD has ability to activate JW with a valid reason, but with CA's permission. Usually, CmD assists SeC with Combine Civil Authority trainings and takes his orders. SeC The main commander of CCA. Can declare lower units defunct with or without City Administrator's order. This unit can use /dispatch when the Dispatcher is absent. SeC has the ability to activate JW without CA's approval, but with a valid reason. Note regarding Autonomous Judgement Waiver: If SeC or CmD wants to activate AJ, they must ask Staff for permission first! Overwatch XP requirement: 600 A division more advanced than Civil Protection. Overwatch soldiers are augmented, brainwashed so they are extremely loyal to Combine, and are fearless. When JW/AJ is activated, OWC takes over the control of Civil Protection divisions. OVERWATCH UNITS GOING ROGUE WILL BE BANNED! All Overwatch units must stay inside the nexus, if the JW/AJ isn't active. All Overwatch units are excluded from the FearRP rule. Are allowed to kill armed citizens, rebels on sight. [Divisions] ECHO The lowest division of Overwatch forces, must take orders from OWC. RANGER This division division is allowed to stay on the catwalks, to patrol the nexus. They may use their special equipment - sniper rifle, to accomplish their duties. MACE This division is tasked with assisting OTA squads in critical situations, they may use aggressive tactics to get their job done. KING This division can lead OTA squads. Must take orders from OWC. X-RAY This division is tasked with providing medical assistance to OTA units. SENTINEL This division is tasked with accompanying City Administrator, they must protect the CA at all costs! However, if asked by dispatcher, Sentinel may assist other teams. You must obey City Administrator. NOVA This division is cooperating with JURY division. NOVA may torture prisoners, execute punishments, but their primary task is to protect the prison from prison breaks. SeC may declare NOVA division units become defunct if they fail to protect the prison. OWC This unit has a full control of Overwatch forces, and in the event of JW/AJ takes over the control of Civil Protection. City Administrator XP requirement: 3000 As a City Administrator, you are the highest approved non-modified human in the Universal Union, you can broadcast, read letters and generally meet with loyal citizens and CWU members, however you can only meet with Citizens or CWU members if they have been checked by the Combine and approved by high ranked units. Also, you can do generally anything that SeC cans but you have to discuss it first with the SeC or OWC before doing anything! Vortigaunt - [VIP only] XP requirement: 1200 As a vortigaunt you are allowed to use voice chat but only if you know the accent of Vortigaunts seen in Half-Life 2. You may join the resistance, however you can only change your appearance when a rebel leads you to a locker. If you're with The Resistance, Civil Protection may arrest you. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE WEAPONS! USING WEAPONS WILL RESULT IN A PUNISHMENT! Conscripts XP requirement: 400 Captain XP requirement: 500 After Seven Hour War, rest of the military forces on Earth have been forced to join the Combine. They are considered lower rank Combine Soldiers and have their own Captain to lead the squad during their missions. However, the current Captain is allowed to ask Staff to have permission to allow every Conscript and Captain himself to go rogue. After permission has been given they are allowed to help the resistance, kill other Combine units, and cooperate with rogues. You will still need a another permission in order to do stuff like raiding the Nexus after going rogue. Going rogue is allowed when the Captain has acquired the permission from the staff.
  18. Forum Rules

    Forum Rules Do not shitpost Sexism, racism will not be tolerated. If you want to expand your thread, please avoid adding new replies try using that lovely edit button. Post threads only where they belong.
  19. NeonVortex Staff application format Current Staff Application status: [CLOSED at the moment] Requirements and some advice • Your application must be readable, choose your text colour wisely. • Having a microphone is a huge plus and preferable. • Applications are strictly reviewed, detailed reviews are appreciated. • Incomplete or short applications will be rejected! • Don‘t forget to check your application before posting! In server check your warnings with !warns and you must include all your warnings even inactive ones! Good luck! STAFF APPLICATION ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Questions Name: Nationality: Age: Steam name: Your SteamID: Current XP count: Other Questions Do you have any previous staff experience?: Why should we choose you?: Do you have a working microphone?: Your recent bans and warnings: What would you bring into our community?: In your opinion, tell us what makes a good moderator?: How often do you play in our server per week approximately?: Are you familiar with ULX commands?: Anything else we should know? (leave empty if there's nothing to say): Questions related to HL2RP • What is Metagaming?: • What is FailRP?: • What is a Minge?:
  20. Ban Request Format

    BAN REQUEST FORMAT • To get Rulebreaker's steam ID: https://steamid.io Please, use this following format or your request will be rejected. Rulebreaker's RP name: Rulebreaker's Steam ID: Rules broken: Evidence(Necessary): Additional info:
  21. Ban Appeal Format

    BAN APPEAL FORMAT Please, use this following format or your appeal will be rejected. Your RP name: Your SteamID: Ban Reason: Ban Length: Admin that banned you: Why should we unban you?: Evidence(If there's any):
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