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  1. Meh for moderators that is disappointing.
  2. So I was thinking about this. Can the staff members like tmod/mod or admin have their ranks on the forum too? (I'm on the phone, I can't type so good).
  3. Vortigaunt's swep

    Since I don't have vip, I don't care too much but that would be a good thing to do.
  4. Final battle

    NeonVortex VS Requiem Gaming FINAL BATTLE
  5. R for holster and unholster

    I know the shotgun thing is a problem but i like the right click holster.. :L
  6. Requirements and some advice • Your application must be readable, choose your text colour wisely. ☑ • Having a microphone is a huge plus and preferable. ☑ • Applications are strictly reviewed, detailed reviews are appreciated. ☑ • Incomplete or short applications will be rejected! Also, if your application seems empty, it is likely it will get rejected. ☑ STAFF APPLICATION ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Questions Name: I would not prefer to say that. Nationality: Romanian. Age: 12 (I know i am too young to apply but what matters is how you do your job and how serious/mature you are). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Details about me Steam name: [NV] Gado. Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:191441547. Current XP count: About to reach 1900. (I've played a lot since January) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Questions Do you have any previous staff experience?: No, i don't have any experience being staff but i can say if i get accepted, i would be a good moderator. This is what happens when you like a server and you really want to help it. Why should we choose you?: From my perspective, i will say you should pick me because i can be a good staff member and RP very well in any situation. Another reason why you should pick me is because every server needs a serious staff member, don't think i am full of me because i am not. I can do pretty much everything a staff member should do. Do you have a working microphone?: Yes i have a perfectly working microphone but i prefer to type. Your recent bans and warnings: I have no bans but i have two inactive warnings: My first warning was given by afellguy because i micspammed the Russian Anthem, my second warning is because i spammed voice commands with Neptune. What would you bring into our community?: I can't say what i will bring into this community but i can offer very good admin sits in certain situations. Don't you think i will play around with my rank, i will still enforce the server rules and try not to get demoted. In your opinion, tell us what makes a good moderator?: A staff member who is doing his job whatever rank he has. He is very responsible of every action he does and is very active on the server. How often do you play in our server per week approximately?: I can join pretty much every day except the ones when i have something to do. Are you familiar with ULX commands?: Yes i am, as how every member would do, i was playing with them on sandbox. Some examples: !goto >player name<, !send >player name< >player name<, !ban >player name< >time< >reason<, !kick >player name<, !bring >player<, !return >player<. Anything else we should know? (leave empty if there's nothing to say): I have something to tell you, i know you will criticize me by my age because i am too young blabla. But don't do that, you can be staff at even 12 or 13 doesn't matters. What matters is that if you do your job correctly, that will be good. Depends how you are acting, if you are a toxic and retarded pussy, then you are bad, if you are a good player who roleplays in peace, then you are a chill and nice guy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Questions related to HL2RP • What is Metagaming?: When In-character and you're Overwatch or Civil Protection and you find a secret door that you should not know about, and you open it. That's metagaming. They can only open it when they've saw someone going in. • What is FailRP?: I can give some examples. When you use the Physics Gun&Gravity Gun when you're roleplaying. • What is a Minge?: When a new player or a player joins the server and is disturbing others roleplaying. Like when someone says "Kill X" or "RDM Y". Thanks for reading my staff app! I hope i will have positive answers. If you have any problem with something, don't forget to tell me!
  7. Shrub Shrub's ban appeal

    Then if you are a pussy playing around with your rank, why have you wanted to be staff?
  8. Gado is applying for staff.

    Read the entire application
  9. Gado is applying for staff.

    I appreciate it man.
  10. krazee mans staff app LOL

    +Support yeah boi
  11. CLANKERt112 staff app

    For the first time, i will give you a +SUPPORT.
  12. MaKuX's App

    We all know the answer. Accepted
  13. Chobani's Staff App

    +support (I am on the phone, i can't type so good) 1. Good Grammar. 2. A very good knowledge of the rules and ulx commands. 3. The application is ok, nice color scheme. 4. I've seen you on the server and killed you two times being OTA and you were kinda a little bit retarded but that's alright. That's it! See ya on the server! 😂😉
  14. subwayjeff's divorce papers

    +support why not
  15. subwayjeff's divorce papers

    Dude, remake your staff app! 1.The Application is very short [-] 2.You're kinda tardy. [But that's ma boi :3] FINAL NOTE: Remake your staff app!
  16. ISwifty's Staff Application

    1. Uh bruh i've never seen you on Apex and i really know the Apex roleplay players. [+] 2. I don't want to be a dick but you don't have any staff experience so you might get demoted at first because you're still new to the staff team. [=] 3. The xp count is a little bit to lower, you should've played more and then apply. [=] 4. Clean application and i like the color you used [i will rep you for this] 5. I know you from RG and you were acting like a retard. FINAL NOTE: NEUTRAL
  17. Hi , Swifty is here.

    Let's hope you're not one of them. You know what i mean. ( i mean if you lie your age).
  18. Don't play the video if you get cringed in like 2 seconds. Is unfinished and i didn't added any effect. i'm still thinking why i am posting this.
  19. that moment when you're getting cringed by your own trash
  20. Final battle

    Is just a parody lol.
  21. Afellguy Report

    +Support first time you died: 40 kills, Second time you died: 52 or 62 i can't see the first number. That video is good, clearly proves he uses aimbot. Yesterday i was playing too( I was KING OTA) and i was going to rescue the CA with the SeC and other OTA units. BOOM headshot and i died, i could not move or make anything because i already died. "YOU ARE DEAD" Killed by James Harver (RIA PVT)
  22. My song of the week

  23. MaKuX's App

    +Support my man!