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  1. hi

    k but you said my voice isnt squeaky k
  2. delete yourself's ban appeal haha

    retard -support
  3. hi

    shut up your head is a tic tac
  4. hi

    shut up i have your gmail, ip and real name THANASIS
  5. hi

    fucking faggot bad staff on my minecraft server. listens to shit music
  6. nice AC

    Your RP name: Jake Rimmer Your SteamID: my staff app Ban Reason: perm Ban Length: 'Hax' The admin that banned you: Console Why should we unban you?: I was just bhopping through the rebel vents because it takes forever to get all the way down there. Then the server started to lag then crashed, came back then banned. Why would I apply for Staff and exploit lmfao. nice ac guys Evidence(If there's any):
  7. Lesser known games that i love.

    they stink
  8. Hello there!

    funny pill abuse XDDDDD ok sorry
  9. hot m mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  


  10. OwC model problem.

  11. OwC model problem.

    The OWC Model rn also uses CP Animations lmao
  12. Final battle

    It is already dead, Neon is just fighting a zombie.
  13. About rebel medics and armor.

    I can totally agree with this suggestion. However, the Armor values for Rebels should be low because the CP chest plates were ripped off and are missing arm pieces. +1
  14. R for holster and unholster

    Holding R can be annoying sometimes, but if we keep RMB we will not be able to holster Snipers. It could be cool if there was a console command for our preferences.
  15. Vortigaunt's swep

    Claw Swep would be cool, don't always have to shoot them beams then.
  16. nice AC

    space bar, turn left, a. space bar, turn right, d.
  17. nice AC

    Shouldn't use what? space bar?
  18. Ban Appeal

    You haven't really explained the situation much. But I am going to point out, a permanent for prop trapping is a bit too far. Stuff could've happened before which could've led up to the ban but it wasn't said, you are still in the bad though. Good luck with the appeal bud.
  19. Final battle

  20. Hi

    ok central intelligence agency its very nice to meet you
  21. Share the Moment - Off-Topic Sharing Topic

    this thread seems familiar from another forum i shall not speak because i got banned on that one
  22. My song of the week

  23. the british are here

    hi, engineer invited me here. Some people have known me from the past for being staff on another server lol. i also own a minecraft server lol