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  1. Want to share what has happened on the server? Well, here you can! Share memories, share parties, share... anything! (Related to HL2RP, of course.) Feel free to share videos, screenshots or even gifs! Well, I've got a lil' cafe to share from a dead HL2RP server I used to play on before. Also. I did get some cash from selling stuff.
  2. Final battle

    wtf is this
  3. Bobby Goodman

    Hi, I'm Bobby Goodman and I am one of the server's "developers" I like to play some good ol' HL2RP that isn't some sort of 1942RP (compared to certain servers) so I decided to help out a bit my friend who I met on one of the HL2RP servers which I liked to play on. And here I am now. Also please dont associate me with the real Bob Good, the minge.
  4. Spot the Abuse - Staff Abuse Report Format Basic Information: Your Steam Name: Your RP Name: ----------------------------------- Staff Member RP Name: Staff Member Steam Name: Description: What did the Staff Member abuse / do: Proof: (Screenshot / Console Logs Screenshot / Copying the text from Console)
  5. Bug Reporter - Bug Report Format

    Bug Reporter - Bug Report Format Bug Information: Bug Name: Description: (Describe the bug by telling what does it do, etc. ) Recreation: (Explain, how can we recreate the bug.) (Optional) Priority: (Choose between High, Medium or Low)
  6. Mind of Creativity - Suggestion Format

    Mind of Creativity - Suggestion Format Basic Information: RP Name: XP Count: Suggestion: Title: Description: (Optional) Questions: How fast should the suggestion be implemented? How high should be the priority of it? Does it change much? Reason: (Leave empty if you cannot specify a proper reason for the suggestion)