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    Hello - please. You must listen to me, do not be disturbed at the things that you are about to witness firsthanded. Woman and children of all ages must tread this ocean with cautiousness for the things you are about to witness firsthanded will be traumatizing to some readers. I am Digsby, that is my main and my steam ID is not important for the reporting of a fellow abuse from staff members is a much more serious concerns that relate straight directly onto server security. (that isn't good.) The staff was a black male citizen named: "male_07.mdl". And he had committed violation of rule 19: No ERP or and sexual related rp. Here is the log I had captured. [OOC] male_07.mdl: On the mattress now! [OOC] male_07.mdl: Or do you want waterboard doggy style. [OOC] - BusterZlista -: are you saying you'd fuck a newborn? [OOC] Vasili: You don't need to do that in OOC [OOC] Lead: Up to you. [OOC] male_07.mdl: Fool! [OOC] male_07.mdl: Sex is for everyone. [OOC] male_07.mdl: Sex education is extremely important. Payday! You received $10! [OOC] - BusterZlista -: i cant disagree to that [OOC] male_07.mdl: Now, let us begin [OOC] Vasili: Fine whatever [OOC] - BusterZlista -: but newborn pussy is definitely not my choice Max Induvious says: THE INTERCOURSE. Katie Young says: Yes [OOC] male_07.mdl: Begin by stripping yourself of your clothings. [OOC] male_07.mdl: You must entice me. ** Katie Young removes my shirt [OOC] male_07.mdl: Do it in OOC. For playing on the server for 10 minutes you have been awarded 5 XP! [OOC] male_07.mdl: This is a PSA. [OOC] Lead: A PSA of ERP? [OOC] male_07.mdl: It is an art. [OOC] male_07.mdl: we can do a gangbang [OOC] Lead: *removes my shirt* [OOC] male_07.mdl: The most wholesome. [OOC] Lead: Do you like what you see? [OOC] - BusterZlista -: will u let me in for a gangbang [OOC] male_07.mdl: Yes! [OOC] male_07.mdl: Woah! [OOC] male_07.mdl: threesome [OOC] male_07.mdl: Those are some big titties! [OOC] Vasili: Oh okay they really are doing it [OOC] male_07.mdl: Oh dear god. [OOC] male_07.mdl: *Begins to pull down his pants. [OOC] male_07.mdl: I shall thrust hard! [OOC] male_07.mdl: Get in here baby! [OOC] Vasili: Wheres the luxury car? [OOC] - BusterZlista -: >>titties >>his pants [OOC] - BusterZlista -: nigga (FAdmin) Mark Jefferson (STEAM_0:1:1395956) Set the team of themselves (FAdmin) Mark Jefferson (STEAM_0:1:1395956) Set the team of themselves (FAdmin) Mark Jefferson (STEAM_0:1:1395956) Set the team of themselves [OOC] Lead: gay [OOC] Vasili: Wheres Barbara with big titties? [OOC] male_07.mdl: Max then proceeds to pushes the woman down hard onto the mattress. [OOC] Fishy: WTF WHY U FUCKING GUYS [OOC] male_07.mdl: Causing massive amount of moans coming from her. [OOC] Lead: oh fuck~ [OOC] Fishy: omg [OOC] male_07.mdl: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. [OOC] Fishy: why? [OOC] Fishy: just why [OOC] male_07.mdl: Fucking make me bitch. [OOC] male_07.mdl: Oh yeah. [OOC] male_07.mdl: Time went on [OOC] male_07.mdl: Her glasses flew. [OOC] - BusterZlista -: you know i recently read some stories on 4chan about being gay young [OOC] male_07.mdl: His white liquid succumbed. [OOC] - BusterZlista -: i dont want same shit to read [OOC] Lead: Please, give me all of your white liquid! [OOC] male_07.mdl: Yeah! [OOC] male_07.mdl: But. Payday! You received $10! [OOC] male_07.mdl: At the critical moment. [OOC] male_07.mdl: He stopped cumming. [OOC] male_07.mdl: His dick fell. [OOC] male_07.mdl: And his errection was over. [OOC] Fishy: BRUH STOP IT [OOC] male_07.mdl: "Shit!" [OOC] male_07.mdl: "Make out harder, woman!" [OOC] Fishy: bro why? [OOC] Fishy: you idiot [OOC] Lead: *starts sucking on his dick* [OOC] Fishy: (F0r [OOC] male_07.mdl: I am alpha. Recording 640x360@30FPS video to "videos/rp_city17_build210 2019-10-1 21-55-23.webm"... [OOC] male_07.mdl: The sex began to continue once more Finished recording. Length: 1.9s [OOC] Fishy: bro [OOC] Fishy: why you do sex [OOC] male_07.mdl: And then, she was impregnated. [OOC] male_07.mdl: It was. [OOC] Fishy: in the bible it says no sexx [OOC] male_07.mdl: Over... [OOC] male_07.mdl: Yes! That was good ERP! [OOC] male_07.mdl: I am so glad to be educating the populace. [OOC] Fishy: wtf guys [OOC] Vasili: A poem more like [OOC] Fishy: this is fucking rp [OOC] Fishy: gdf0sg Max induvious says: Go. Katie Young says: Thank you. I will not be blackening out the names of these ERP partaker because they've accepted the ERP within their own will, and I hope that further appropriate actions can be taken towards this mess.