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  1. __***RIP 2019***__

    I still can't believe this year is already gone. I remember when I joined this server and I feel like is two days ago. Anyway, Happy Christmas! (Here you can find a countdown lol): https://www.xmasclock.com
  2. You should read this.

    I will miss you Riggs, one of the friendliest staff member/player I have ever seen. Hope to see you soon friend. I agree with Vamp, don't reveal problems of you real life on the internet. People that don't care will make jokes and laugh about that. Again, more luck in your future.
  3. Hello there!

    This is a good reputation bait. yeet
  4. OwC model problem.

    I mean, I don't think is hard to change the model and to give it the animations back.
  5. OwC model problem.

    Is it hard to change the model + to get animations
  6. OwC model problem.

    Yes, a Nazi intimidating OTA
  7. OwC model problem.

    Atleast if you want, support.
  8. OwC model problem.

    A lot of players are saying that the OwC model looks just like a Nazi Civil Protection. So actually, what if we change the OwC model with something more like OTA? OwC current model: We should use these models: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1357960725
  9. i beg pls unban :((((

    Be happy that the ban is not 1 week or permanent. You'll get unbanned, just wait.
  10. CP Boye portraits aye.

    who did em'?
  11. Final battle

    I am not sure about that.
  12. 14 Beers at Chilli's

    We already know you lol
  13. Heyo!

    Welcome man, hope to see ya on the server!
  14. Riggs Abuse Report | 11/12/2019

    Yeah you're right.
  15. Riggs Abuse Report | 11/12/2019

    I really like to roleplay with Riggs because is a funny and chill guy. But sometimes is really tarded'. I can't support this but I will give it a NEUTRAL.