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  1. Riggs' Staff Application

    I like the green +1 give me lasagna please
  2. Riggs

    You should maybe talk to azotas on discord about this. Looks like a different abuse.
  3. SP33DEツ ban request

    BAN REQUEST FORMAT Rulebreaker's RP name: SP33Dツ Rulebreaker's Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:99198023 Rules broken: RDM (might be NLR too) Evidence(Necessary): So I entered the nexus lobby, watched Riggs fucking up his vortigaunt model, and after 2 minutes, this guy randomly points the gun at me and says "What the fuck are you doing here" and after 4 seconds, he killed me without any warning Additional info: Also, 5 minutes before that, he said to me to face the wall and as self-defense, i killed him, he insulted me "Go fuck yourself" and after some minutes that happened. "You also had weapons on you", it might be some NLR and RDM. I also lost my pistol and smg. Note: I told him to read the rules because he is currently 400 XP and I think he didn't.
  4. Riggs

    That's actually true
  5. Yo boys check this discord remix. In my opinion, i think is awesome.
  6. My Birthday.

    Boys, is my birthday! Happy Birthday Gado :D. (Turning 13 btw)
  7. Staff Application

    >NEUTRAL< Application is too short(-1), my advise is to play more to gain xp so you can get some reputation too(/). Saw you on the server, you are actually a very chill guy and friendly as Walter said above(+1). Can you list at least one server you've been staff on?
  8. Felix whiston's staff application.

    What a boomer, MakuX reacted with "like". Not gonna judge you by the 11 warns because yeah, I have 6 from Makock too. The app is empty yeah but i think Azotas will make a little bit of exception here? +Support because i'm a nice guy
  9. If you somehow join us again, we will give you 100 ar2, 100 revolvers and 100 snipers.

  10. Gado's Staff App

    STAFF APPLICATION ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Questions Name: Gado Nationality: Romanian Age: 13 Steam name: Gado Your SteamID: STEAM_1:0:191441547 Current XP count: 5010 Other Questions Do you have any previous staff experience?: Nein, but everyone has to start from somewhere. Why should we choose you?: The reason why you should choose me is because I am very active, i'm not toxic, I do very well in every situation, i'm very friendly. If someone will break the rules or something, I will not warn them immediately, I will talk with the rulebreaker and tell him what she/he did wrong. But also I will help other staff members if they need something. As you can see, I didn't played on the server for about 1 month or 2 because i have been busy with homework and personal problems, but now I can finally play and if I get accepted I will do my best to keep the server alive and at the same time a very fun atmosphere. Even my Garry's Mod stopped working unexpectedly, I tried everything I could to make it run again but nothing, I even reinstalled steam. But nothing matters now. We are in 2020 and I hope this year is the server's best year. I hope I get accepted so I can finally help the server! Do you have a working microphone?: Yes. Your recent bans and warnings: Not an excuse but some of the warns I got were non-sense but mods are mods, they know what they do. I have 6 warns What would you bring into our community?: A very enjoying atmosphere, a little bit of seriousness, punish the rulebreakers, I will help new players with the rules and jobs. As i have been told, I can abuse power because i'm young, but in my perspective, I will not because I don't want to get demoted. I really want to help this community as much as I can! In your opinion, tell us what makes a good moderator?: A good Moderator? Well...there are two types of moderators: 1. The mods that help other members and they're very friendly with the players. 2. The ones they don't care that much of the players and they often take care of the server, they try to find certain ways to solve server problems and punish the minges, failrpers, metagamers etc. How often do you play in our server per week approximately?: I can play 5 to 6 hours per day. Per week, 7 days, the entire week! Are you familiar with ULX commands?: Yes. A long time ago when I bought Gmod, I joined Requiem Gaming and when I applied for staff, I didn't know the ULX commands so I installed the addon on a CMD Gmod Server and tested it out there. I even took a look on the ULX commands website. So yeah, I know them! Anything else we should know?: Yeah, I have some medical problems with the stomach but don't worry, it will be good i think. Questions related to HL2RP • What is Metagaming?: Metagaming is when you use Out of character information in In-Character. EX: Using/Opening secret map walls as Civil Protection or OTA when raiding a secret rebel base like the one on Ciy17, main rebel base or the one in Industrial17, the vending machine or the little base in the toilet. Opening as citizen or rebel doesn't count as metagaming, it counts only when playing as combine so you better watch out :D. • What is FailRP?: Fail Roleplay is when for example a citizen goes in the plaza and switches from keys to tool gun, goes to an officer and says: "Hey, hands up, I have a gun"!. That is failrp, there are other many examples but I only listed one. May exactly, is when you do something fictional in roleplay. • What is a Minge?: So in a normal day, a new player join and he just prop blocks everyone or prop climb to avoid roleplay.
  11. Yeah, this is it guys, we made it. We have survived long enough to see the 2019 Christmas. Now that Christmas is slowly leaving us let's welcome our buddy named The New Year. 2020 is coming. I hope you have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year! -Gado
  12. __***RIP 2019***__

    I still can't believe this year is already gone. I remember when I joined this server and I feel like is two days ago. Anyway, Happy Christmas! (Here you can find a countdown lol): https://www.xmasclock.com
  13. You should read this.

    I will miss you Riggs, one of the friendliest staff member/player I have ever seen. Hope to see you soon friend. I agree with Vamp, don't reveal problems of you real life on the internet. People that don't care will make jokes and laugh about that. Again, more luck in your future.
  14. Hello there!

    This is a good reputation bait. yeet