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  1. You should read this.

    I'll miss you anyways... Well, that's the real Azotas, he is a kind guy. That's true, I laugh all the time Now, I'll miss you and I hope You'll come back sometime... Good luck at school Connor See you, soon I think... I'll miss you..
  2. R for holster and unholster

    Welp , and i like to use the shotgun the RMB shot.
  3. Hi , Swifty is here.

    Hi there, my name is ISwifty, I'm 14 years old and I like to play on HL2RP servers, sometimes I'm a minge but I can be serious when it is about something important I like the old apex gamemode, It's super basic but I enjoy playing on it. My first apex experience was in 2017 or 2018 I can't remember but it was super fun. Hope i'll make new friends on this server!