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  1. nice AC

    it's the opposite, xDD Anyways, as I heard he just bhopped so fast that the anti-cheat thought it was a cheat. (I know it's against the rules bhopping but let's give him a chance) +Support
  2. krazee mans staff app LOL

    +Support he's even more epic with a mic now.
  3. NeonVortex Staff application format Requirements and some advice • Your application must be readable, choose your text colour wisely. • Having a microphone is a huge plus and preferable. • Applications are strictly reviewed, detailed reviews are appreciated. • Incomplete or short applications will be rejected! Also, if your application seems empty, it is likely it will get rejected. • Don‘t forget to check your application before posting! In server check your warnings with !warns and you must include all your warnings even inactive ones! STAFF APPLICATION ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Questions RP Name: Dell Sanchez Nationality: Spanish Age: 18 Steam name: Engineer Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:52828127 Current XP count: 1265 XP Other Questions Do you have any previous staff experience?: Yes Why should we choose you?: I'd like to join the staff team because I head the applications are open and I've been considering joining the team for a long time now, Now that I've figured out my schedules a bit better. I think I can be active enough on the server for both administration and gameplay purposes. I used to play HL2RP quite a few years ago, however, I was looking for a new HL2RP Server since I lost interest in the previous community I was. I would like to see this community thrive and I feel I can help it towards that goal. I know you would probably think a frequent user on the server would apply, but I have plenty of experience staffing on Garry's Mod on other servers. I have about 2800 hours and I have dealt with plenty of people at that time. I'm a nice guy, and I work well with others as long they follow the rules. To finish, I think experience is an important factor as an applicant. What would you bring into our community?: Seriousness: Seriousness it's a good thing that all the staff teams must have, but as always, not be a super strict guy or put too much seriousness. Fun: This may sound weird to hear, but yes, bring fun into a staff team it's important too, so staff members don't do the same routine every day, for example, the weekends I could suggest play a mini-game in low hours with staff members and also with users. Collaboration: This is another important point in staff teams, in other communities I saw Teams that were very lame because there wasn't any kind of cooperation between each other. That's why here, at most from my part I'll try my best to help other staff members when they ask for it. Guaranteed User Satisfaction: This is the most important thing if a user it's satisfied with the server, he would like to play even more and invite some friends too! Instead, if the user satisfaction it's low there is a chance of them leaving the Community. In your opinion, tell us what makes a good moderator?: A good moderator it's a person who enjoys doing his duty while in-game, interacts with the users, it's serious doing his job but at the same time not too much(that depends on the server) But in special, be friendly with the users. Do you have a working microphone?: Yes Your recent bans and warnings: I have 2 warns but am waiting for the removal of those after a mini discussion. How often do you play in our server per week approximately?: 10-20 hours Are you familiar with ULX commands?: Since Requiem Gaming, am very familiar with ULX. Anything else we should know? (leave empty if there's nothing to say): If you have any questions please feel free to ask, if you have any suggestions to improve my application, feel free to suggest! (Criticism is welcomed and encouraged) Thank you for reading this application! Questions related to HL2RP • What is Metagaming?: Metagaming is when you use Out of Character information for In-Character purposes or for example, knowing the exact locations of rebel bases instantly as CP or OTA. • What is FailRP?: Fail RP is when you do an action that it's not allowed or impossible in the universe that it's based the server, for example: User 1: "/me gets out a lightsaber and starts killing the whole combine army" User 2: "/me sexes with the person in front" • What is a Minge?: New users (In general) that has no intention to Roleplay or follow the server rules. example: Kenneth Hunter has joined the game for the first time and he starts to prop block every single person he sees.
  4. Afellguy Report

    Staff Abuse Report Format Basic Information: Your Steam Name: Engineer Your RP Name: Dell Sanchez ----------------------------------- Staff Member RP Name: James Harver (PVT) Staff Member Steam Name: Afellguy Description: What did the Staff Member abuse / do: A Nexus Raid happened today, everything was fine, RIA arrived at the CA office. They got the CA hostage and meanwhile the OTA units were attempting to rescue him and this is where it all started: Afellguy it's clearly using aimbot whenever he joins RIA along with Nuke and Spectrum and sometimes when he goes as CP or rebel alone. The Proof? on the following section. Proof: (Screenshot / Console Logs Screenshot / Copying the text from Console) Evidence 1: The first time that I died while the CA was hostage: Evidence 2: The second time that I died again: Final Evidence: A video where it proves that he uses aimbot:
  5. MaKuX's App

    +Support Good ERP'er I mean, hehe, I know Makux since the start of HL2RP on RG which proved that he's very qualified to be a good Staff Member
  6. Engineer Introduction

    Hello am Engineer and this is my introduction. I arrived here because somebody mentioned this community on George dungeon discord so I went to game tracker and now am here, xD.