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  1. My Birthday.

    Happy Birthday
  2. Rest In Peace Lilith.

  3. lokachop's ban appeal

  4. hi

  5. With the most recent update, this issue has been solved. Consider it as ACCEPTED. Locked & Archived.
  6. R for holster and unholster

    With the most recent update, now you may configure by your own the holster option using the following command " hl2rp_holster ". Consider it as ACCEPTED. Locked & Archived.
  7. Conscript job

    The issue has been solved. Locked & Archived
  8. i beg pls unban :((((

    This Ban has already expired. Locked & Archived
  9. nice AC

    Locked & Archived
  10. Banned

    Locked & Archived
  11. The Cremator

    This suggestion has been implemented with the recent update, so consider it ACCEPTED Locked & Archived
  12. CP Boye portraits aye.

  13. Heyo!

    Welcome to Neon Vortex
  14. Riggs Abuse Report | 11/12/2019

    Please stop arguing in this thread, take it to Forum DM's or Discord DM's.