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  1. Basic Information: Your Steam Name: MaKuX Your RP Name: Tyrone Cracker ----------------------------------- Staff Member RP Name: S17:OWS.BLADE-1 Staff Member Steam Name: Riggs Description: What did the Staff Member abuse / do: Chat Spam ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ He jail-TPed me into the nexus to call me a "bad boy" and then un-jailed me, which results in me getting arrested for being black. Proof: Yeah it's up there. I don't have a recording sadly.
  2. +Support You're a pretty cool guy and I'm looking forward to seeing you become a member of the staff team.
  3. lokachop's staff application

  4. lokachop's ban appeal

    +Support unban this man.
  5. MakuX does it again

    Yeah, I didn't find your joke very funny. Denied
  6. Ban appeal.Pablokk

    Ban reduced to 1600 minutes or 1.1 days.
  7. Ban appeal.Pablokk

    Was it? I saw you guys talking shit to eachother in PMs.
  8. Ban appeal.Pablokk

    You can't kill someone for an OOC reason. If someone is insulting you then u should call a staff member.
  9. i beg pls unban :((((

  10. i beg pls unban :((((

    Actually I'm the one that removed your prop. That's prop blocking. That's not why I banned you.
  11. Afellguy Report

    https://www.mediafire.com/file/au0acgpw32ogoui/Not_epic.mp4/file Afellguy authorizing plaza & nexus raids while there are only 1-2 CPs on. https://www.mediafire.com/file/21auzcj1t0vtwgv/UwU.mp4/file Afellguy admitting to using cheats.
  12. Speedwagon/Neptune

  13. Speedwagon/Neptune

    Basic Information: Your Steam Name: hi Your RP Name: George Hard/Munnita Mees ----------------------------------- Staff Member RP Name: Billy Mays Staff Member Steam Name: Speedwagon Description: What did the Staff Member abuse / do: Mic spam, noclip abuse, encouraging mic spam and possibly spawning in weapons?(TMods can spawn weapons ). Proof: Mic spam.mp4 Btw plaza/nexus raiding w/o perms isn't against the rules yet. Noclip abuse.mp4