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  1. R for holster and unholster

    Holding R can be annoying sometimes, but if we keep RMB we will not be able to holster Snipers. It could be cool if there was a console command for our preferences.
  2. Depends on the forums they have got, they could only have the Administrator role which means you can edit anything on the site.
  3. Vortigaunt's swep

    Claw Swep would be cool, don't always have to shoot them beams then.
  4. nice AC

    space bar, turn left, a. space bar, turn right, d.
  5. nice AC

    Shouldn't use what? space bar?
  6. nice AC

    Your RP name: Jake Rimmer Your SteamID: my staff app Ban Reason: perm Ban Length: 'Hax' The admin that banned you: Console Why should we unban you?: I was just bhopping through the rebel vents because it takes forever to get all the way down there. Then the server started to lag then crashed, came back then banned. Why would I apply for Staff and exploit lmfao. nice ac guys Evidence(If there's any):
  7. Ban Appeal

    You haven't really explained the situation much. But I am going to point out, a permanent for prop trapping is a bit too far. Stuff could've happened before which could've led up to the ban but it wasn't said, you are still in the bad though. Good luck with the appeal bud.
  8. ISwifty's Staff Application

    Phoenix? Just kidding. From reading your Application, you really would like to become Staff but there are some slight problems. There needs to be more detail to the questions, and you changed tenths which is fine because this is not an English Exam but you still might be judged on this. Neutral for now. Some people have to start somewhere :shrug: Eh, the server just became Popular in late Summer. I wouldn't really judge that for a Staff Application. (Most people came late to get their XP Refunded aaaaa)
  9. Engineer Staff Application

    Has experience, alright with sits and that. +1
  10. General Questions Name: Jake Rimmer, Jake MacKieran, Jake Smith, Jaki Raki, Jake Holmes Nationality: British Age: 15 Steam name: Krazee Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:201544445 Current XP count: 490 Other Questions Do you have any previous staff experience?: Requiem Gaming - Staff Manager (LOL) 'When you are a Requiem Staff, you are always one' - Callum Spartan Networks Darkrp - Moderator 2 Other Servers that I forgot the name, had Trusted for both of them (Can void this if you want) Why should we choose you?: You should choose me from the other because I have experience with Staffing, especially on HL2RP Servers that are semi-serious. I know the insides and out of ULX, been working with it for years on Gmod. Also, did I tell you I have no life? Yeah 2884 Hours just in 2 Years since I got Gmod, also some of my friends wanted me to apply for Staff for some reason which I do appreciate. I barely have anything to do and I want to help so it would be appreciated if I was accepted. Do you have a working microphone?: Yeah, won't use it as much though. Your recent bans and warnings: None :Sunglasses: What would you bring into our community?: Make sure Members of the Community have fun without the fun being disturbed by Rulebreakers, and respond to any reports without bias because people will be satisfied then with Server Administration and their professionalism. In your opinion, tell us what makes a good moderator?: A Good Moderator would be a person, who is Active and comes on most days. He helps fellow Moderators out with reports and responds to them punishing players fairly and non-bias. It must be a person who also enjoys the role and just doesn't do it for the Commands. How often do you play in our server per week approximately?: About 2-3 hours a day, so about 21 hours a Week-ish. Are you familiar with ULX commands?: Yep, been a High Rank on a Server. For Example: !menu - brings up the administration help menu for help. !warn <player> <reason> - This logs the player that he broke a rule and will stick in the warning logs. !kick <player> <reason> - This removes the player from the Server but can come back. Anything else we should know? (leave empty if there's nothing to say): Timezone: GMT/BST GCSEs in a Year, have to take an LOA for a Month. Questions related to HL2RP • What is Metagaming?: Using Out of Character information in-character to abuse. For example, there is a known Rebel Base in i17 near GG, it hasn't been discovered today but the CPs still raid it without in-character information. • What is FailRP?: When you attempt to do an action that would seem impossible in real life. For example, /me Would pull out a Minigun from his pocket. • What is a Minge?: Basically, a person who has no interest in roleplay on this server. He normally receives punishments for his actions and keeps on doing it.
  11. subwayjeff's divorce papers

    No Detail. No Grammar. Cool though 8)
  12. Hi

    ok central intelligence agency its very nice to meet you
  13. Share the Moment - Off-Topic Sharing Topic

    this thread seems familiar from another forum i shall not speak because i got banned on that one