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  1. SP33DE's Staff Application

    +Support Good Luck I mean fix that amount of text jesus christ.
  2. Riggs' Staff Application

    Again absolute nonsence, Seriously the Server is Offline and I am working on the Map, and you want me gone? If I'm gone there would be no Custom Map To be honest. Think again.
  3. Riggs' Staff Application

    Ok so first off, When did i ever disrespected my felow Staff Members and other people in the Community? Makes no sense. You do not know that, the Map is in Active development, many people seems to like it. The Beta Map will be released once the Remake is done and the Map helps the Community alot since there arent many good maps avaible. The !administrate command is in NeonVortex. You don't have to be rude on this one, I'm trying to learn to improve at being a Staff Member, because I've a serious case of ADHD which can get me very angered. I have absolutley no Idea what the huge problem with my Staff App is, why don't you just say it instead of being a Silent Guy that begs for shit forever until they Teach you how to do wiremod. You can lookup on youtube my dude. Thats just my Answer on this Non-sense.
  4. RIGGS' STAFF APPLICATION | Just a quick little note, i am just making this Application so i can be fair to others that i did an Application and recived Staff Rank, because i find it a bit unfair for other people that i just got trusted with Moderator. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ General Questions: RP Name: Riggs Mackay Nationality: Germany Age: 14 Steam name: Riggs Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:1395956 Current XP count: 12.200 Other Questions: Do you have any previous staff experience?: Nope, but since i am Moderator on the community i have some experience being a Staff Member. So yeah. Why should we choose you?: I am a great mapper and sometimes a good Staff member on the Server, I know alot of Stuff and i just wanted to make this Application to be fair to others, not just be like "Hey i got moderator rank just for being a mapper/trustworthy. And i could improve myself if we would get more Staff Members and the server being populated." Do you have a working microphone?: Yes i do, but i don't use it very oftenly. Your recent bans and warnings: I have 1 Warning from Makux "Laddah Abuse" It was obviously a joke i know it, or maybe? If it doesn't count as a warning, i don't have any warnings/kicks or bans. What would you bring into our community?: I could bring a very Good beta themed map which i'm working on right now anyway lol. But as i said before i just want to make this Application to make it Fair to other people, and since i wasn't staff on any other Server (exept Requiem and here lol) I could learn alot of new Stuff if you would be cooperative tho! Haha. In your opinion, tell us what makes a good moderator?: I mean there were a few reports against me, but alot of people find that i'm a good Guy/Staff and i should keep going. I would make a good moderator if i just had more time and some help with other Staff Members. How often do you play in our server per week approximately?: I could play actually everyday and try to revive the Server everytime, but since i'm working on the map Constantly for the Remake i have a little time to get on the Server and check out what's going on. Are you familiar with ULX commands?: Yes i know alot of ULX Commands such as (!jailtp [Target/Name] [Time in seconds]; !administrate = This will automaticaly turn on Noclip | Cloak | Godmode for Staffing situations; !spectate [Target/Name] = This command will Spectate the choosen player if you got a report that he is Aimboting/Hacking/Suspicous. Anything else we should know? (leave empty if there's nothing to say): I have a medical issue called ADHD which can anger me really easily but i handled it Way better than back in Requiem Gaming where i was Trial-Moderator for 2 Days, lmao. Questions related to HL2RP: • What is Metagaming?: Metagaming is something you don't know about as a CP for example, or if you take OOC Information for IC Purposes like "[OOC] Guy1: The code to my base is 7878 haha." "CP Officer: Maybe the code is 7878." or if a CP opens a Rebel hideout without knowing any information about it being there. • What is FailRP?: Someone roleplaying as something that he can't even do in real life like "/me gets his guns and kills all cp units in nexus lobby being very epic and famous." • What is a Minge?: A guy who doesn't want to roleplay at all and prop blocks stuff like Doors/Entrances/Entities. Or if someone is not correctly playing within the rules very correctly.
  5. Felix whiston's staff application.

    +Support for me, you are fun to roleplay with. But you got alot of warns from makux, hopefully you will do well on your trial.
  6. Gado's Staff App

    You are a little too young for staff, but i think you could be a good staff. Ive seen you do some staffing.
  7. Neutral for me since you got a lacking of bunch of xp, i mean you seem fit for staff? But the lack if xp is still a problem.
  8. lokachop's staff application

    +Support My +Support got removed for you. Doing this with my phone so it wont look pretty.
  9. We will miss you Lilith.

  10. lokachop's ban appeal

    Just take a cooloff, it is just one day. You are a troll anyway.
  11. lokachop's ban appeal

    To be honest, you are an absolute troll. You don't even want to rp you just take things not seriously, you blasted music and people did not want that, it was too loud for them and they Told you many times to stop. Also that prop block was never an Accident. There were enough witnesses.
  12. Destroyed the lights First

    I destroyed the lights first, hahaha!
  13. This Message will disappear on the 6th of December. To be honest i don't really care now. It is time to bring out the big Secrets i got. First off my name is Connor (not from cyberlife), i am 14 Year's old (will turn 14 on 6th December) and i have got ADHD. I started making Maps and addons on Steam, and there for i found Many hl2rp Communities, such as = "Apex Roleplay,Nebulous Cloud,Undefined , Requiem Gaming" and then.. i met NeonVortex. I saw that the community had less players, like less as Fuck. I asked Azotas to trust me with moderator, which he did, then i told him that i make Maps! And he asked "Hey, is there any way you could make a map for us?" I said sure! And here it began, i am still mapping for NeonVortex here and i like it. Sometimes i abuse yeah i agree but be honest.. Sometimes it is funny. Now to the point. In real life i am in 7th Grade, im a teenager which is Really bad at School.. I some day need to take a break from Gaming and the internet so i could get a job in the future. TheAzotas this goes to you, i'm being honest here, you are giving me ALOT of chances.. and you still let me be Staff even tho i've done a few bad things. But i really appreciate that you give me Chances, it is giving me hope improving as Staff. Thank you NeonVortex.
  14. Hello there!

    Welcome user! I'm a staff member in NeonVortex, i am also a mapper for them! I sometimes come onto the Server to wether Administrate or Roleplay, the reason i come Rarely online is because i am working on the termina17 Map! My name is mostly Riggs, sometimes i get called Yeet because i was on Requiem Gaming called Yeet, i was a Staff member on there too, only for 2 Days lmao. If you have any questions about me, link them Below! Nice/Awesome people i know: delyrium - love ya man <3 TheAzotas - The one and only who is trusting me alot. Gado - You make good artwork. afellguy - You are a good Staff member, please Stay Jambez - the goose Lilith - the madman with her 357 LeCitizenPoop - You are the best person i have EVER meet.
  15. Riggs Abuse Report | 11/12/2019

    For others sometimes too, like 3-5 people.