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  1. Destroyed the lights First

    I destroyed the lights first, hahaha!
  2. This Message will disappear on the 6th of December. To be honest i don't really care now. It is time to bring out the big Secrets i got. First off my name is Connor (not from cyberlife), i am 14 Year's old (will turn 14 on 6th December) and i have got ADHD. I started making Maps and addons on Steam, and there for i found Many hl2rp Communities, such as = "Apex Roleplay,Nebulous Cloud,Undefined , Requiem Gaming" and then.. i met NeonVortex. I saw that the community had less players, like less as Fuck. I asked Azotas to trust me with moderator, which he did, then i told him that i make Maps! And he asked "Hey, is there any way you could make a map for us?" I said sure! And here it began, i am still mapping for NeonVortex here and i like it. Sometimes i abuse yeah i agree but be honest.. Sometimes it is funny. Now to the point. In real life i am in 7th Grade, im a teenager which is Really bad at School.. I some day need to take a break from Gaming and the internet so i could get a job in the future. TheAzotas this goes to you, i'm being honest here, you are giving me ALOT of chances.. and you still let me be Staff even tho i've done a few bad things. But i really appreciate that you give me Chances, it is giving me hope improving as Staff. Thank you NeonVortex.
  3. Hello there!

    Welcome user! I'm a staff member in NeonVortex, i am also a mapper for them! I sometimes come onto the Server to wether Administrate or Roleplay, the reason i come Rarely online is because i am working on the termina17 Map! My name is mostly Riggs, sometimes i get called Yeet because i was on Requiem Gaming called Yeet, i was a Staff member on there too, only for 2 Days lmao. If you have any questions about me, link them Below! Nice/Awesome people i know: delyrium - love ya man <3 TheAzotas - The one and only who is trusting me alot. Gado - You make good artwork. afellguy - You are a good Staff member, please Stay Jambez - the goose Lilith - the madman with her 357 LeCitizenPoop - You are the best person i have EVER meet.
  4. Riggs Abuse Report | 11/12/2019

    For others sometimes too, like 3-5 people.
  5. Riggs Abuse Report | 11/12/2019

    Okay it is true, i abuse sometimes. To be honest, it is kind funny isn't it? It was for the fun.
  6. Riggs Abuse Report | 11/12/2019

  7. Riggs Abuse Report | 11/12/2019

    That "Bloody Razor" is TheAzotas, not me.