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  1. Ban Appeal

    Went into the sewers as a citizen and got killed by an OTA who was camping the rebel base. Went back to get my tokens and when I was about to grab them this guy came up and took them and banked them. I asked for them back, but he wouldn't give them to me so I prop blocked him to get the tokens. Edit: I don't think there was a judgement waiver so he shouldn't have been there anyway.
  2. Ban Appeal

    So can I get unbanned?
  3. Ban Appeal

    There was no admin so I did what I could.
  4. Ban Appeal

    Evidence of intent: https://imgur.com/a/UMKLCdo
  5. Ban Appeal

    Your RP name: Dan Jones Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:460088322 Ban Reason: Not willing to rp Ban Length: Permenant Admin that banned you: Guy Geek Why should we unban you?: Some brony retard stole my 1k tokens and banked it, so I prop trapped him to get the money back (because there's no admins) and I got perma banned. Evidence(If there's any):