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  1. lokachop's staff application

    +Support Can be mingy at times, but extremally chill. Can hold his nerves in the most mind-fucking situation.
  2. Gado's Staff App

    +Support At times you come off as a bit of a cuck (So do i) you're known enough on the server, you should get a chance.
  3. Staff Application

    -Support -Short -Lacking XP -Uninformative -Who are you? -Thats not your steamid, thats your profile link, which your profile is also extremally dumbed down. Put more info into the app, get people to know you and what do you do, play around more to get more XP.
  4. Ban Appeal - HACKƐD

    +Support The easy evidence of a false ban is the fact that props dont preform any damage.
  5. Christmas has arrived!

    2019:Change da world. My final message. Goodbye. 2019 2019 2019 2019 2019
  6. Airwatch & Groundwatch

    Yeah, it wont work on City 17. Simply too small. Maybe once we switch to Terminal.
  7. lokachop's ban appeal

    +Support There wasn't much players on, nobody was roleplaying and neither got harmed. The things Loka did we're harmless, the way i see it is that Riggs is triggered that Loka didn't want to roleplay at a non-functioning server player rate. You're also mingy as hell Riggs at times, dont you remember? Dont blame other players for doing it also, while not harming anybody. You're not prioritized to be able to do that as staff. You're at an equal level as players, so introduce some right.
  8. You should read this.

    You can really abuse and anger people sometimes, but i have to admit that you have a condition, sometimes its not because of free will. I hope you'll be successfull with stuff in the future, you know. I judged people like you alot, im the one that kinda got you perma'd on Requiem. But looks like you're more than to judge from the cover, you work on quite a great map right here. Anyways, dont have much to type here, so. Yeah. Best of luck for the new year.
  9. New weapons.

    Generally i'd say, just tweak the HL2 weapons for use in PVP. Its easier than messing around with entire packs and stuff.
  10. __***RIP 2019***__

    Well, if we stayed in one year constantly it would get boring eventually. Time has to flow, i guess. Still, happy early christmas and best of wishes to ya'll.
  11. Hello there!

    You've had some extremally bad reputation behind you, even though im still not in trust with you, you've changed i guess.
  12. Lesser known games that i love.

    Hey, just wanted to list off some less-known games that are really enjoyable, and i enjoyed myself. Hope you find something for you here. Not in a particular order or anything, i like all of them. Project zomboid Project Zomboid is a horror survival TPS game focused on so popular zombies. The game is absolutely filled with mechanics, certain noises attract zombies, you can cover windows, barricade doors, and even build entire bases if you have the resources. The game itself isn't about winning, its a story about how you died, survive as long as possible. Whether you prefer sprinters or walkers, Project Zomboid has a variety of different gamemodes, fully customizable world configurations, there's simply so much stuff you can edit to your liking that i cant pull em up in a single post. This game works great with multiplayer, and i had alot of fun memories playing this game. The devs are overhauling the game and constantly polishing it with the new IWBUMS animation update, one of the biggest ones yet. I'd say its completly worth the money. Alien VS Predator 2010 Now, despite all the reviews i did find the game quite enjoyable. Animations are janky, the marine campaign is kinda weird, especially the fact that there's no crouch button which pains me eternally (The game doesn't have an opportunity to crouch in any segment but still, it feels weird not having it in) it isn't terrible. You get to play 3 campaigns with three species coming from the alien movies, Human. Alien. Predator. I'd say all those campaigns play well, although i found predator most fun with his expanded arsenal and sick executions. All of these have a spice of stealth in them in some segments, while in the others you're fightning against enemies in close quarters. Alien probably has most of these, as you can break lights to hide yourself in the shadows, while taking out enemies quietly. Generally, its not a terrible game. If you want to have some fun and you're searching for something to get into, definitely get it on a sale. What i would not recommend though is Alien Colonial Marines, stay as far away from that as possible. Penumbra Overture Penumbra Overture's starts by a young man Philip Buchanon, a physicist that was just attending to his mothers funeral, at the same day he received a letter from his father, which he did not have a chance to meet as he presumebly died before Philip's birth. The letter said that at the Safety Bank of Mayfair there are documents, with the key in the letter. His father said to open it and burn them. The documents we're cryptic and not able to be made out by Philip, instead due to his curiosity and the chance of his father still being alive, he brought them to a linguistic expert. He manged to make out a coordinate of an old mine in Greenlands. And so he ventures by a boat there all by himself, to invistestigate the strange place. Its an really atmospheric game with beautifull plot, its one of the first solid horror games i've played, if it looks familiar to you it is because it is made by the same devs that have created Amnesia:Dark Descent. The game has alot of puzzles involving physics objects, and generally handles really well with those mechanics. There is combat involved but it is really ineffective, so the main way to move around through enemies is by evading and running. Instead of clicking M1 to swing you have to hold it down, swipe in whatever direction then crank it back. Your weapon isn't completly useless as it is used to break wooden objects, the atmosphere is extremally eerie and i've had alot of spooks. If you liked Amnesia you will definitely love this, i'd definitely recommend it. Elite Dangerous Space ships, Glory, Pirates, Aliens, and a vast vast galaxy to explore. Does it get any better than this? Elite Dangerous is a mainly huge MMO game about well, space. There's an unbelivable ammount of things to do and the devs constantly interact with the playerbase, by setting up news and interactions across the galaxy. There's many roles you can take, alot of ways to learn money, alot of things to do. Want to protect the law from robbing scandals? Become a bounty hunter and hunt em down. Or maybe you want to be the robbing scandal? Go ahead, harrass trade ships and players with your pew pew laser guns until they either explode to lil pieces or spill you up your cargo, maybe hunting players isnt your thing... Well then, there is a mysterious alien race called thargoids, which im pretty sure you would be welcome to research or destroy into atoms. There is also the horizon DLC, which adds huge ammounts of content to the game. Mainly landing on planets, which are really fun to explore. Hell if you get lucky you may find a guardian sanctuary, and get special weapons. Whether you want casual gameplay, or roleplay. Its all laid out for you, extremally easy to run and well optimized. Does have some lag issues but, then again. I've had alot of memories with friends in this game, definitely worth the price tag, although i bought it on sale since my friend got me to buying it, but i would buy it for a full price if i knew earlier. Enter The Gungeon This roguelike right here is one of my personal favorites, this game is so expanded that i cant bring myself to play any else roguelike, just because how lackluster they are compared to this. Enter The Gungeon follows a story of 4 characters which you can pick, that all came here to find The gun that can kill the past! Because they cant fix the future without fixing the past, this gungeon dungeon is filled with guns, as the name suggests. Does it have a barrel? Does it shoot something? Its a gun, thats why you get barrels that launch out fishes, decapitated demon heads, wooden grenade launchers that fire pinecones, and bats shaped like shotgun slugs. Five chambers, each containing 3 types of bosses, every time the Gungeon is randomized but along the way you unlock stuff that will help you get farther. You are supposed to learn from your mistakes, its a game of patience. Truly, it doesn't get old as you can obtain 243 guns in total, over 300 items, and alot of secret rooms and bosses. Truly, there's EXTREME ammo-unts (Pun intended) to do in this game. Definitely 100% super mega worth it. You have to play it. That concludes the list, hope you've had fun reading this if you were bored, maybe found a new game to play. Thanks for reading!
  13. OwC model problem.

    Well, they did commit manslaughter on extreme scale, and did try to keep Poland in captivity. And they did almost succeed if they did win the world would forever be changed, and i find that pretty intimidating.
  14. OwC model problem.

    Idk, at the same time OWC's current model looks kinda intimidating. I would be fine with keeping it or changing it, doesn't matter really. Its just a model. Neutral
  15. OwC model problem.

    Well i mean, isn't the combine valve's rendition of Nazi's?