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    General Questions Name: Connor Mest Nationality: Turkey Age: 14 Steam name: S:17 C:17 Overwatch Soldier 9920 Your SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198366800808/ Current XP count: Almost 1900 Other Questions Do you have any previous staff experience?: Yes, I do, I was a moderator in an SCP server also I am a trial helper in another server. Why should we choose you?: I Have experience, I am an active person, I have a working mic and I would like to help players if you want to choose an active, experienced, friendly, person as a moderator you should choose me. Do you have a working microphone?: Yep. Your recent bans and warnings: N/A What would you bring into our community?: I was looking for a good HL2RP server, I found this and now this is my main favor and main server. In your opinion, tell us what makes a good moderator?: Well in my opinion because I am friendly, experienced, and active, also because I am helpful this is making me a good moderator.. How often do you play in our server per week approximately?: I play 3-4 hours per day.. Are you familiar with ULX commands?: Yep. Anything else we should know? (leave empty if there's nothing to say): Questions related to HL2RP • What is Metagaming?: Metagaming means telling someone job/name/hp or etc without knowing these pieces of information about that character. • What is FailRP?: Failrp means doing your roleplay wrong like CA cannot be against UU if he kills a UU without a great reason its FRP. • What is a Minge?: Minge means Doing P-Block, P-Surf or P-Kill during an RP situation, basically not doing any RP but trolling.