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  1. Riggs

    Love you makux, but, the 150 thing is a glitch with the vortigaunt where you become a vort then you become citizen again, riggs possibly didn't notice this, but yeah the spam is bad, but i do it alot and i'm sure riggs was joking.
  2. Gado's Staff App

    +Support Cool guy, follows the rules, good to roleplay with, so yeah!
  3. Staff Application

    Neutral. So, i've seen you sometimes, you've just been there, like, just there, you have never interacted much but never really have been toxic, so Neutral, i guess.. consume sabastion.
  4. +Combine Armored NPCs & Pill Packs

    Lead and the owners have said many times the pill pack addons will never be used..
  5. Dawn Shepherd / Walter's Staff Application

    +Support This application is amazing and well done, alot of thought put into it, and you're a cool guy on the server so yeah.
  6. Felix whiston's staff application.

    STAFF APPLICATION ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Questions Name: Felix whiston Nationality: Welsh Age: 14 Steam name: Felix whiston Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:121504815 Current XP count: 8470 XP Other Questions Do you have any previous staff experience?: Yes, once on an scp rp server, i was moderator on there, and also i was mod then promoted to admin on a bhop server.. Why should we choose you?: To be honest, i'm a last resort, i'm honestly not better than anyone else, i'll just be an active moderator.. Do you have a working microphone?: Yes, i do, but usually don't use it.. Your recent bans and warnings: 11 Warns, 90% from makux, 1 ban from makux for failrp. What would you bring into our community?: Again, honestly not much, just read what i said on "Why should we choose you?", i guess i would bring some more active moderating and more kindness? In your opinion, tell us what makes a good moderator?: A good moderator is a moderator who listens to both sides of the story, always stays calm, and tries to sort it out without aggression. How often do you play in our server per week approximately?: 6 days per week. Are you familiar with ULX commands?: I know the basics, but may require some information/training.. Anything else we should know? (leave empty if there's nothing to say): I messed up the format a bit, apologies, and i have anger issues that i can normally hold in and be nice, the format is very weird now.. Questions related to HL2RP • What is Metagaming?: Metagaming is when you use OOC information in IC, For example, you say "/ooc guys there's 4 OTA outside that door" you open a secret rebel base as a cp without any information about it, etc.. • What is FailRP?: Failrp is when you fail to roleplay, say, you do something that wouldn't obviously happen in the universe, or failing to do stuff like fearrp. • What is a Minge?: A minge is a person who does anything other than roleplay, this includes, Rdm'ing, prop climbing, metagaming, prop blocking, abusing and exploiting, etc.. Note : I know this is really empty, but i'm extremely tired while writing this, that's not an excuse but if my old app appears i'll delete this, since my old application disappeared out of nowhere..
  7. lokachop's staff application

    +Support Again, since for some reason my support on this app went missing..
  8. Combine's | Felix Rayson's application to be part of the staff team

    Knows alot of rules, can be a bit toxic but atleast kind most of the time, even though i'm not related to the staff team at all, i'm going to do a +1