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  1. Legends Never Die.

  2. Its time, to break our goals this year bruh...

  3. +Support. Has good age, can use mic in game, seen a couple times him talking in server. Has different time zone, that's what we need as well. And has some good experience.
  4. Felix whiston's staff application.

    -Support for now, because the application is to short, not much written.
  5. Staff Application

    -Support nothing to read here. My advice fill your apply more, with more knowledge etc.
  6. Deephouse *2020*

    Wanna share my Chill/Deephouse 2020 mix i like. Good listening
  7. ____****-=_=2O2O=_=-****____

    Time to get ready to leave 2019 and jump to 2020 very soon!!! The time is here, we can already smell it! Enjoy the mix to make this waiting more fun!
  8. hi

    such a poor introduction...
  9. *Spiritual*

    Another one good song i like !
  10. Xmas! 2019

    Time to get crazy! We are so close...
  11. -=My Top song=- [NEW]

    My new top song!
  12. Thirdperson huskies

    What huskie do alone in home ;d
  13. ToxiC

    Payback song