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  1. Mr O.J.🚬 job ban request

    this is all i have 1 2 3
  2. Mr O.J.🚬 job ban request

    what you need to see on it? i made a few screenshots but not a full scoreboard
  3. Mr O.J.🚬 job ban request

    Rulebreaker's RP name: Mr. Oliver Junstrom Rulebreaker's Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:103363318 Rules broken: as CA ordered to hes sentinels to amputate Sec and CmD Evidence(Necessary): @David* was cmd, he witnessed all. Additional info: me (Sec) and @David* (CmD) was in broadcast room, speaking. Comes CA with 2 sentinels, one of then ask "so..shoot em?" Evidence Mr Oj confirmed it at voice chat, and sentinells killed both of us. My personal opinion is that the all fault lies entirely with CA as his decision was to give that criminal order, whichone break all rules, from job rules to general rules, cuz he actually committed rdm by someone else's hands.
  4. A wepon to surpass makux

    you forgot an important point "for disrespectful behavior and insults toward the administration or the players"
  5. __***RIP 2019***__

    are you already seeing off 2019? for us it is the night from December 31 to January 1
  6. mostly dangerous citizen in city17 xD


    1. The Bubble Boi

      The Bubble Boi

      I love how there's this absolute gromade of cops surrounding you but then there's this one helix that's just staring in the completly opposite direction

    2. Lilith


      he, accidentally looked me in eyes, gone mad and runs away xD

  7. Hello there!

    One of those people, that makes the community cozy and makes you want to stay, I'm glad you're here
  8. I am Powel! Lage! Stlength! xD


  9. Gutentag, Hallo, Bonjour, Salut

    Burt Mustin comes?? Hellooooooo