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Found 2 results

  1. Your AC is strange

    Your RP name: Porter Azuma Your SteamID: STEAM_1:0:80741010 Ban Reason:"Be Gone Cheater" Ban Length: Permanent Admin that banned you: Console Why should we unban you?: I was literally roaming the map minding my own business then boom of of nowhere the anti-cheat banned me for god knows what the closest thing i have to a "cheat" on my pc is a VPN and if i got banned for that that's kinda stupid, why would i donate just to cheat and lose that VIP. Evidence(If there's any):
  2. Banned

    Your RP name: Oasis Lyric Your SteamID: 76561198146593483 Ban Reason: LTAP Ban Length: 1 day Admin that banned you: Apple Juice Why should we unban you?: I was banned because another player accused me of Fail RP and I left. However when he accused me of this I was already about to leave and waited a few minutes. No one showed up so I did what I was gonna do anyways. Leave. Evidence(If there's any):