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Found 2 results

  1. Vortigaunt's swep

    To prevent messy text style, it is strongly recommended for you to use this format to make a suggestion. However, you may make a suggestion without using this format. Suggestion Format 1. Your idea: Buff the vortigaunts swep 2. What would it change?: Make the vortigaunt a little bit more appealing 3. (optional) Anything else we should know? Buffing the swep would make the vortigaunt more important as they could throw out massive damage. And they are VIP only, so not everyone could run around with them
  2. Threat Level Suggestion

    1. Your idea: we should have a title for whenever it is a judgement wavier or AJ the ca only has access to this and can control cities threat level it and it will pop up in he corner on your screen 2. What would it change?: it would notify the player that it is a aj or JW 3. (optional) Anything else we should know? theirs only a few titles the server needs (goes low to high) rebels must go passive (means rebels cannot start random uprising to take over the server but cannot be seen by the combine) Low rebel activity Medium rebel activity Judgement wavier autonomous wavier