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The Cremator

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Basic Information:

RP Name: Gado

XP Count: I don't remember exactly, but about to reach 900.


Title: The Cremator


Description: Everyone knows the Half-Life 2 beta character that was cut? Yep, it is the Cremator. The Cremator was to be some kind of janitor, breathing heavily at almost all times — resulting in a rather dark ambience around, alerting anyone in a radius of its presence, it was mainly to be seen disposing of dead bodies through the use of its immolator — a large plasma thrower capable of spraying a green beam, which would disintegrate organic matter upon contact. It was intended for the player to obtain an immolator, which would have been effective against organic enemies.


(Optional) Questions:


How fast should the suggestion be implemented?: As fast as the developer can.


How high should be the priority of it?: Medium


Does it change much?: I think so.


Reason: I think it will be good for dead bodies, left after got killed.


Edited by Gado

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20 hours ago, Neyyo said:

idk if we need it. cool if it was added.

Yeah me too. I feel like the game isn't full with it.

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