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Afellguy Report

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Staff Abuse Report Format


Basic Information:

Your Steam Name: Engineer

Your RP Name: Dell Sanchez


Staff Member RP Name: James Harver (PVT)

Staff Member Steam Name: Afellguy



What did the Staff Member abuse / do:

A Nexus Raid happened today, everything was fine, RIA arrived at the CA office. They got the CA hostage and meanwhile the OTA units were attempting to rescue him and this is where it all started:

Afellguy it's clearly using aimbot whenever he joins RIA along with Nuke and Spectrum and sometimes when he goes as CP or rebel alone. The Proof? on the following section.


Proof: (Screenshot / Console Logs Screenshot / Copying the text from Console)

Evidence 1: The first time that I died while the CA was hostage:




Evidence 2: The second time that I died again:



Final Evidence: A video where it proves that he uses aimbot:


Edited by Engineer

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+Support first time you died: 40 kills, Second time you died: 52 or 62 i can't see the first number. That video is good, clearly proves he uses aimbot. 

Yesterday i was playing too( I was KING OTA) and i was going to rescue the CA with the SeC and other OTA units. BOOM headshot and i died, i could not move or make anything because i already died.


Killed by James Harver (RIA PVT)

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