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SP33DEツ ban request

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Rulebreaker's RP name: SP33Dツ 
Rulebreaker's Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:99198023
Rules broken: RDM (might be NLR too)
Evidence(Necessary): So I entered the nexus lobby, watched Riggs fucking up his vortigaunt model, and after 2 minutes, this guy randomly points the gun at me and says "What the fuck are you doing here" and after 4 seconds, he killed me without any warning image.png.d325c94a543e4e56b650b9d38dd3a4e2.png
Additional info: Also, 5 minutes before that, he said to me to face the wall and as self-defense, i killed him, he insulted me "Go fuck yourself" and after some minutes that happened. "You also had weapons on you", it might be some NLR and RDM. I also lost my pistol and smg. Note: I told him to read the rules because he is currently 400 XP and I think he didn't.

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Sorry for the lack of Response while it was effective


Not Enough Evidence

(Expired Ban Request)

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