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RIGGS' STAFF APPLICATION | Just a quick little note, i am just making this Application so i can be fair to others that i did an Application and recived Staff Rank, because i find it a bit unfair for other people that i just got trusted with Moderator.
General Questions:
RP Name:
 Riggs Mackay
Nationality: Germany
Age: 14

Steam name: Riggs
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:1395956
Current XP count: 

Other Questions:
Do you have any previous staff experience?:
Nope, but since i am Moderator on the community i have some experience being a Staff Member. So yeah.
Why should we choose you?: I am a great mapper and sometimes a good Staff member on the Server, I know alot of Stuff and i just wanted to make this Application to be fair to others, not just be like "Hey i got moderator rank just for being a mapper/trustworthy. And i could improve myself if we would get more Staff Members and the server being populated."
Do you have a working microphone?: Yes i do, but i don't use it very oftenly.
Your recent bans and warnings: I have 1 Warning from Makux "Laddah Abuse" It was obviously a joke i know it, or maybe? If it doesn't count as a warning, i don't have any warnings/kicks or bans.
What would you bring into our community?: I could bring a very Good beta themed map which i'm working on right now anyway lol. But as i said before i just want to make this Application to make it Fair to other people, and since i wasn't staff on any other Server (exept Requiem and here lol) I could learn alot of new Stuff if you would be cooperative tho! Haha.
In your opinion, tell us what makes a good moderator?: I mean there were a few reports against me, but alot of people find that i'm a good Guy/Staff and i should keep going. I would make a good moderator if i just had more time and some help with other Staff Members.
How often do you play in our server per week approximately?: I could play actually everyday and try to revive the Server everytime, but since i'm working on the map Constantly for the Remake i have a little time to get on the Server and check out what's going on.
Are you familiar with ULX commands?: Yes i know alot of ULX Commands such as (!jailtp [Target/Name] [Time in seconds]; !administrate = This will automaticaly turn on Noclip | Cloak | Godmode for Staffing situations; !spectate [Target/Name] = This command will Spectate the choosen player if you got a report that he is Aimboting/Hacking/Suspicous.
Anything else we should know? (leave empty if there's nothing to say): I have a medical issue called ADHD which can anger me really easily but i handled it Way better than back in Requiem Gaming where i was Trial-Moderator for 2 Days, lmao.

Questions related to HL2RP:
• What is Metagaming?:
 Metagaming is something you don't know about as a CP for example, or if you take OOC Information for IC Purposes like "[OOC] Guy1: The code to my base is 7878 haha." "CP Officer: Maybe the code is 7878." or if a CP opens a Rebel hideout without knowing any information about it being there.

• What is FailRP?: Someone roleplaying as something that he can't even do in real life like "/me gets his guns and kills all cp units in nexus lobby being very epic and famous."

• What is a Minge?: A guy who doesn't want to roleplay at all and prop blocks stuff like Doors/Entrances/Entities. Or if someone is not correctly playing within the rules very correctly.

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I'm guessing you want to be a T-Mod again? Also how do you have 12.200 XP lol

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